We are two sisters from London and have been working on Amaliah for a year. Our vision is to build a platform that represents Muslim Women across fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I had a baby 6 months ago but we love this picture!
I had a baby 6 months ago but we love this picture!



We want to make shopping for a modest wardrobe easy. We aren't here to tell you what is or isn't modest, we are just here to make the journey a little easier. Whether it's shopping for that interview or just treating yourself, we have it covered.

We want to make it easy, we want to take care of the fashion whilst you go and leave a footprint in the world.

Amaliah is also about fundamentally having a place for a community, a platform which really identifies with the core of being a Muslim woman. Ultimately, we want to send out the message that you can be who you are as a Muslim woman, hold the beliefs that you have, while being a person of purpose and impact in this world. We are here to celebrate the diversity in the community, we all have different opinions, fashion tastes and stories to share.


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Meet Moga, the Australian fashion label that is uniting people through fabric and colour through their headscarf collection that maximises comfort and style. The collection boasts bold, unique and daring colours and was designed to empower women through celebrating individuality and personal style. It’s not just a fashion brand though, Moga is a social enterprise…

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