Amaliah has curves. We want to make it easier for everyone to shop with us so the only thing you need to think about when shopping is how much you love it.

We're keeping it curvy and modest with our plus size curation from the fabulous Romana Mirza. 

Top Picks

Don't let the name make you cry, this dress has a modest v-shape neckline and a beautiful ruffle finish along the hem that hits mid-thigh. This is perfect for weekend for fun occasions with friends and family alike!

This seemingly very simple dress has an elegant draping detail in front.  Layer luxuriously with a scarf, a shrug, and slim leg trouser.  Pair with heels or trainers depending on the occasion.

Looking for power silhouettes for the boardroom?  An elegant jumpsuit does away with cumbersome layering.  Pair with a tailored suit jacket or a blazer with flare (see below) for a look that will boost confidence and perceptions.

Leather confidence.  This draping jacket pairs beautifully with the pantsuit above for the boardroom or flowing skirt for semi-formal and formal occasions that call for a statement piece.


60 days till ramadan – Get your ramadan planner now !

By AMALIAH WRITES | March 28, 2017

Can you believe there are less than 60 days till Ramadan! We are absolutely loving the Ramadan planner that Stori Dori and SISTERS magazine have launched. 

Meet Moga, the fashion brand that has a social mission

By Amnah | March 28, 2017

Meet Moga, the Australian fashion label that is uniting people through fabric and colour through their headscarf collection that maximises comfort and style. The collection boasts bold, unique and daring colours and was designed to empower women through celebrating individuality and personal style. It’s not just a fashion brand though, Moga is a social enterprise…

What should sex education look like for Muslims?

By AMALIAH WRITES | March 28, 2017

The matter of sex is constantly avoided and deemed a taboo in many parts of the Muslim community. From taking students out of sex ed class to not having “the talk,” all of these factors can lead to poor sex education and lack of knowledge about our bodies! Sex education isn’t just about contraception and secular…

The Curvy Workwear Edit: TUESDAY

By Romana Mirza | March 28, 2017

You’re in full swing to meet all your commitments this week, this means meetings inside and outside the office, visitors to the office and a full agenda of tasks and assignments.  Look your professional best.  The three middle days of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the days to pull your power looks and power…


By AMALIAH WRITES | March 27, 2017

The mid-season sales  are still happening and we’ve just spotted this long sleeve sequinned dress for our curvy ladies out there from H&M…and it’s only £19.49!   This is a great shape and length that requires minimal layering; something we’re always looking for!

18 Muslim women you need to follow on Twitter #Muslimwomensday

By AMALIAH WRITES | March 27, 2017

It’s Muslim Women’s Day today thanks to @muslimgirl – we out here celebrating the amazing women on twitter! Tag the incredible Muslim you know on @amaliah_tweets 


By Amnah | March 27, 2017


Muslim women are always making waves! #muslimwomensday

By AMALIAH WRITES | March 27, 2017

Taking to the streets after the EU Hijab ban, call it what you want, it targets the hijab. #EUhijabban: "Who defines neutral? and by definition, we all come with something." — cvdbremen (@cvdbremen) March 20, 2017 Honoured to be featured alongside eloquent Muslim women like @AfiaAhmed_ 💞 discussing the sexist, islamophobic #hijabban in the workplace…

The Curvy Workwear Edit: Monday

By Romana Mirza | March 27, 2017

Finally!  A work/career-wear edit for Plus-size/Curves!  Salaam everyone I’m happy to bring you my take on fantastic, career-advancing modest fashion for your professional life.  This edit has been designed based on the days of the week and we’ll be featuring one per day in this 5-part series. Monday Meeting Mondays, typically this is the time…

Bloggers are not infallible & Social Media footprints lasts for eternity

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba | March 25, 2017

Let’s Talk – Social Media Etiquette & The Hijabi YouTuber Conundrum The world of social media can be unforgiving, it’s a ‘dog eat dog world’, and no one is exempt from the criticism or bullying that often comes with it, regardless of whether the blogger/ YouTuber is Muslim or not. And in most instances, trolling behaviour…


By Amnah | March 25, 2017

The maxi dresses with sleeves that don’t have slits and aren’t backless are always on our radar. Asos have just released this grey embellished maxi dress which would be perfect for Eid and the summer wedding season ahead. Try this sooner than later before it sells out!

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  1. Romana Mirza on March 6, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    My dear sisters at Amaliah, thanks for publishing this! It’s so exciting to see plus size fashions in the modest world. Thanks for your encouragement and support. May we all be guided to support one another always.

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