Amaliah has curves. We want to make it easier for everyone to shop with us so the only thing you need to think about when shopping is how much you love it.

We're keeping it curvy and modest with our plus size curation from the fabulous Romana Mirza. 

Top Picks

Don't let the name make you cry, this dress has a modest v-shape neckline and a beautiful ruffle finish along the hem that hits mid-thigh. This is perfect for weekend for fun occasions with friends and family alike!

This seemingly very simple dress has an elegant draping detail in front.  Layer luxuriously with a scarf, a shrug, and slim leg trouser.  Pair with heels or trainers depending on the occasion.

Looking for power silhouettes for the boardroom?  An elegant jumpsuit does away with cumbersome layering.  Pair with a tailored suit jacket or a blazer with flare (see below) for a look that will boost confidence and perceptions.

Leather confidence.  This draping jacket pairs beautifully with the pantsuit above for the boardroom or flowing skirt for semi-formal and formal occasions that call for a statement piece.


How would you behave if you were in front of God? Ihsaan explained.

By Rumaysah Yunus | May 29, 2017

Ihsaan in light of the Quran How would you behave, how would you treat people if you were in front of God? The beauty of Ihsaan.   The Arabic word Ihsaan comes from the word Husn, which according to its linguistic definition means: To be beautiful To make something beautiful To do virtuous deeds To…

This artist made incredible Ramadan doodles for those that can’t fast.

By AMALIAH WRITES | May 28, 2017

We recently came across a pretty cool blog of thoughts through doodles. It’s talking about Mental health and more! The founder Mary is a Neuro  PHD Student (self-confessed nerd) based in London, a mental health advocate and a downtime doodler (I’m also a little bit of a cat enthusiast, coffee lover and introvert). You can follow her…

Veils are not bombs nor bullets. The veil is brave. It wasn’t meant to be but it has become.

By Sultanah Parvin | May 27, 2017

It is time to remind ourselves who we are. We are compassionate souls. yet right now we will be the target of anger because we are visibly Muslim. And the obsession with our religious symbols gets crazy intense at these times of fear. It gets really intense. It does doesn’t it sisters? We know because we…

Three Must have Apps for Ramadan

By Mahmoudat Sanni-Oba | May 27, 2017

Preparing for Ramadan 2017: Top 3 Recommended Apps Ramadan Legacy is undoubtedly one of the most popular Ramadan apps out there! It combines smart technology with beautiful design to give you a 30-day interactive Ramadan planner. Using the app, you can track the amount of days you’ve fasted, your prayers, Qur’an recitation and Taraweeh. The…

The supererogatory struggle. The Nafl Prayer.

By Ashiya Mendheria | May 27, 2017

With Ramadan here, I try to reflect on the past year and think about what I need to improve on in terms of my worship. Something I have been struggling with is the nafl (supererogatory) prayers – prayers which are not obligatory but hold great reward. There is a difference between thinking prophetically and acting prophetically,…


By Amnah | May 26, 2017


Overnight Oats I want to eat for Suhoor

By Amnah | May 26, 2017

Source: MinimalistBaker   My willpower when it comes to food is not the best (to say the least)…but in Ramadan I like to eat smarter and fuel my body with what it needs so I don’t make the fasts harder for myself. My suhoor is normally a rotation of eggs, weetabix, porridge and leftovers from…

Meet Kentore – The brand redefining modest workwear

By Amnah | May 25, 2017

The Body Shop Ramadan Gift Collection

By AMALIAH WRITES | May 24, 2017

The Body Shop have launched their Eid selection of gifts featuring new scents and packaged in a way perfect for a pampering present.   Their first Ramadan collection was created last year and the gift that always stands out is their Eid Treats collection which is like an advent calendar, giving you a miniature beauty…

#manchesterstrong an open letter by Abu Eesa to the rest of the world

By AMALIAH WRITES | May 23, 2017

Vigil held in Manchester Albert Square I know my beautiful city of Manchester is wounded badly right now but please give me a moment to express the following: Dear Muslims,  We’ve dreaded this moment for ever, the day that terror comes home to our midst as if there wasn’t enough of it in the world…


By AMALIAH WRITES | May 23, 2017

Summer maxi skirts have a place in our wardrobe every year. We’ve curated our favourite ones that we think you don’t need to layer, meaning no slits and no funny see through business either. Shop our top picks now. OUR PLEATED PICKS SHOP ALL SKIRTS HERE

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  1. Romana Mirza on March 6, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    My dear sisters at Amaliah, thanks for publishing this! It’s so exciting to see plus size fashions in the modest world. Thanks for your encouragement and support. May we all be guided to support one another always.

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