Get started with bullet journaling

There are a lot of tools and techniques that  you can use to stay organized. I've tried apps, diaries, planners and more recently I fell in love with my Bullet journal. Whilst I don't follow it to the 'T' I still follow the daily log aspect and it has helped me to be more organised because of the methodical nature of Bullet journalling. 

I also think writing things down physically helps you remember things. I remember my Dad saying, read, read and write when you want to remember things. I think part of being organised is being aware of the tasks ahead. 

Of course it's also another reason for me to shop for pretty stationary. I have also picked out a few Note-books for you. 

How to Bullet Journal Properly


When you search for Bullet Journal formats on Pinterest or Instagram, a whole new world of doodles, artwork and elaborately designed pages can come up. If you are creative, go for it but if you want to keep it minimal and focus of the task list for example there are minimalist formats you can go for. We shared both below!

Great layout for quick finance logging by @bujo_newbie #bulletjournaling #bujo #planner #bulletjournal #planneraddict #bulletjournaljunkies

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