Do you need to start unlisting? Here’s how to get started.

Whether you are one for New Years resolutions or not 'unlisting' is something we can all do. Whenever you ask someone 'How are you?' Often you'll hear 'Busy' and its a norm. We seem to be occupied with well, being occupied. Some have even labelled Busy as a disease. 

Of course it's good to be productive and involved in community projects, or staying on top of work commitments but sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves. 

This year it's all about 'unlisting' and 'unbusy'. Here are a few tips on how to get your ' To Do ' lists shorter. Just make sure your To do list doesn't end up on a To do list, that's when you know it is time for a review of life!


It is fine if you can't commit to everything people invite you to. Putting yourself first is the right thing to do in some situations, so learn to say no and see your weekends open up!



 It seems to have become a taboo to have nothing planned, it is fine to do nothing and focus on rejuvenating yourself. Once in a while factor in 'Nothing'.



Sometimes it's a case of prioritizing events and commitments and letting go of things. It is better to do less and do it well. 


One way of keeping on top of the list is to have limits of what can be done, of course if you go above that it is a bonus. What I often do is have 2-3 Priorities and 4-5 other tasks I need to do. This way you won't overwhelm yourself either.


Sometimes we just have endless lists and keep adding to them, often if we manage out lists better then things get done and other things get binned, so check out our feature on Bullet Journalling (Click below)


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