The last few years have seen the rise of modest fashion brands. We want to celebrate the brands, the women behind them and give them the spotlight they deserve. To be featured or if you would like to nominate a brand, please email [email protected]

This week we're loving Imara Couture. The brand launched in 2016 by Mariama Mulamba and is establishing it's self as a luxury brand offering modesty for the fashion savvy woman.

The collection has 'very strong influences of London's multi cultural yet vibrant community with a modest twist.' The collection offers abayas, dresses and hijabs and there is a theme of elegance throughout.

Our favourite pieces include the cream Abella Abayah and the Nura silk cape dress perfect for an occasion.  

The Abellah Abayah, £110
The Nura Silk Cape Dress, £169.99
The Nura Silk Cape Dress, £169.99

Shop the full collection here.

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