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How to Plan a Wedding in 21 Days (PART 2)

by in Beauty & Makeup on 2nd February, 2016


Right, so in part 1  of how to plan a wedding in 21 days I covered the most important things to plan which is my outfit and makeup artist, obviously! Let’s be real the only thing that matters is me and maybe my husband but how exciting can a suit get?

8th December 10 days to go

To do: Go to tailor to see if it fits and give them the material to attach sleeves. Also, why are all tailors men!? It was so refreshing to have a woman measure me up!

9th December 9 days to go

To do: Get a lipstick to wear. My outfit is navy and gold so I’m going for red lips. Off to MAC it is.

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I’m went for Ruby Woo with the He Said, She Said Lip liner aaaaand the lip prep and prime because I find Matte lipsticks sooooo drying and vaseline won’t cut it.

To do: Put in an order for a cake

So I had a really nice birthday cake once from Konditor and Cook, it was a recommendation from Halal Gems


I’m going to the plane and pretty with some flowers vibe:


Speaking of flowers…

To do: Find a florist take 3

So the theme of me planning this wedding is just getting people I know already to do stuff, like my make up artist and photographer. So why not just go for the florist at the top of the road right?

I call them up and they say I need to put in an order by Tuesday. Yay Florist done 🙂

Seriously what are people doing planning weddings for 2 years??

Stay tuned for part 3 to see if I pull it all off! Duas please.

Still to do:

  • Favours
  • Seating Plan
  • Guest List
  • Decorations
  • I think that’s it right?

We’re getting there yay!

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Nafisa Bakkar

Nafisa Bakkar

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