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Muslimah Dating Diaries: Dear Toxic Tahir

by in Relationships on 12th December, 2018

A special series on finding a bae, we hear from our resident dating Muslimah on the sorts of guys she comes across.  Overly Honest Osman, Computer said no Cassim, Fibbing Faz, Disappearing Dawood and Not Looking for Marriage Nasir. Last time we heard about Instagram Ibrahim this week we hear from our resident dating Muslimah about Toxic Tahir.

Dear Toxic Tahir,

I am not sure what to think, every time we seem to be getting along you pick a fight about whether a woman’s role is in the home or not. I’m getting whiplash from the mixed signals, honestly keep the flowers, and the grand gestures, small consistent actions is what I’m looking for right now.

I think you need a better relationship with your self first. If I hear another negative comment about why I’m bringing your mood down, ill probably cut ties.

Don’t be a bad vibe.


A confused Muslimah

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Another dating Muslimah

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