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Rashida Tlaib the First Muslim Palestinian Congresswoman in US History: Here’s What You Might Not Know

by in World on 9th August, 2018

All praise to the Most High! History is being made in this upcoming United States general election as Rashida Harbi Tlaib (ta-leeb) becomes the first Muslim Congresswoman in the United States Congress! May Allah help her succeed in everything she sets forth in. Here are some facts about Rashida Tlaib:

1. Her heritage

  • She is the daughter of Palestinian Immigrants.
  • Rashida’s parents were born in Palestine. Her mother hails from Ramallah and her father is from a suburb in Jerusalem. Considering the friendly relationship the United States has with Israel, you can count on Tlaib to speak out against the crisis currently happening in Palestine.

2. This isn’t her first time in politics

  • In 2004, she interned for Representative Steve Tobocman, a state representative from Michigan. In 2007, she joined his staff as he became the majority floor leader for the state of Michigan. In 2008, Tlaib was encouraged by Tobocman to run for his position because his term limit ran out. As a result, she won the election and became the second Muslim Woman to be elected into any state legislature.
  • She is a part of the Democratic Socialists of America. This is the same party that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another hopeful Congresswoman from Bronx, NY, is running from. The Democratic Socialists of America has goals that include putting working people into positions of power and to create reforms that empower said working people. Leaders of the DSA include Bernie Sanders, who has recently endorsed another Muslim, Abdul El-Sayed for his gubernatorial run in Michigan.

3. She is running as an activist and reformist

  • She isn’t running to make history she is running due to the numerous attacks against American-Muslims as well as immigrants by the current president, President Donald Trump. “I will fight back against every racist and oppressive structure that needs to be dismantled” quotes Tlaib. This isn’t the first time she has clashed with President Trump, in 2016 she attended one of his speeches while he was still a nominee and proceeded to “call him out”. She was then escorted from the venue.
  • Her platform is progressive, she is currently fighting for: Medicare/Medicaid for all, the end of cuts to Social Security, debt-free college and vocational training, $15 minimum wage across the country, amongst other things. “I think it’s time for a Congresswoman who people can count on to fight for them and never sell out” quotes Tlaib.

Best of luck to Rashida Tlaib and may her success bring positive change to the political climate of the United States.

Hafeezat Bishi

Hafeezat Bishi

Hafeezat Bishi is a Nigerian-American student living in the Northern U.S. When not speaking (ranting) about social injustice on Twitter, you can catch her reading, journaling, or singing show tunes with her younger siblings. Starting in the Fall of 2018 she will be studying communications in college, actively pursuing a profession in social/political justice, and learning how to communicate to the masses effectively. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @_hafeezat