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Historical Footage and Images of Hajj From the 1800’s

by in World on 17th August, 2018

As the incredibly important day of Arafah rolls in, and the pilgrims do their tawaf, we think about Mecca right now, bustling as it always is, one of the most incredible, and dazzling gatherings of the whole year takes place. Arguably one of the most important times for us. We think back to Mecca 1,400 years ago, or even prior to this. What Muslims of the past looked like, when going on hajj, how the Kaabah may have changed, we think about as time has evolved, and fashion and culture have changed so dramatically, so has in many ways architecture and even methods of praising Allah.  And yet in all of this, the Kaabaa still stands in all of its glory, the house of Allah preserved and untouched. Here is a retrospective of Hajj from the 1800’s, the 1930’s and beyond, enjoy!

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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