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We’re Back With Another ‘Overrated//Underrated’ on Our Amaliah Podcast

by in Identity on 25th September, 2018


Hey everyone!

Nafisa, Selina and Sara are coming at you with another round of our Amaliah Voices ‘Overrated/Underrated’ session this week, expect to laugh and get serious as we unpack wedding fiasco’s and the implications of contraception on women.

It works like this – the girls each bring three subjects they’d like to unpack and debate as being either overrated or underrated and then leave it for public scrutiny! Even the most mundane of topics sometimes give way to often layered and useful perspectives…

This week we’re going up against in the Overrated section:

  • Big Weddings
  • Contraception
  • Whatsapp Groups
  • Self-Care
  • Pound Shops
  • Desserts

overratedunderratedpodcastOn the flip side, we’re looking at these in our Underrated section:

  • PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
  • Our Relationship With Food
  • Hijabi Hair-Care
  • Dhikr As A Way Of Life
  • Writing A Will
  • Saying Salaam

Listen to the newest episode of our ‘Overrated//Underrated’ episode below and catch our previous episodes in our ‘Overrated//Underrated’ playlist.

You find us on Apple Podcasts / Itunes at Amaliah Voices. Enjoy!

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