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This Is the First Muslim Care Home for the Elderly in Australia

by in Lifestyle on 15th October, 2018

Source: Gallipoli Website

With an increasingly aging Muslim population, family units becoming smaller and housing becoming a premium, there has become a pressing need for services that care for our elderly while enabling them to maintain their Islamic practice and lifestyle. In many Muslim communities, the conversation around care homes are still a great taboo, with Islam giving parents a high status, some may feel they are turning their backs on their parents by putting them in a care home. This care centre is determined to change such perceptions.

“I’m sure, many people will be thinking ‘Muslims embarking on an aged care centre, what has the Ummah come to!’ We are not opening the door for people to come and dump their unwanted goods. Rather we are opening the door for people who cannot look after the most beloved thing to them. And to give them satisfaction and give them peace of mind that we will look after them like 0ur very own.”

– Mohamed Hoblos, Australian Preacher.

Source: Gallipoli Home

Gallipoli care home in Sydney has been purpose built to be able to look after Muslims and those from diverse backgrounds. The care home is situated next to the mosque which was an important detail as it means the elders can be a part of the Muslim community in Sydney, rather than ostracised. Other details include Ottoman inspired design and beds that face the direction of prayer. The centre prides itself on its aesthetic and architecture which draws on traditional Turkish, Indigenous Australian, and Islamic elements.

After hearing many stories of aged care centers that aren’t able to cater for Islamic practice, Gallipoli Home in Sydney felt the need to create a service that caters for the specific requirements of our culturally and religiously diverse elders. The centre aims to ensure their residents are thriving spiritually while receiving care. The vision for the centre is to “set a high standard for aged care, where our elders feel right at home.”

At Gallipoli Home, we respect our elder’s knowledge and encourage them to continue to contribute to our community by…

Posted by Gallipoli Home on Monday, August 6, 2018

Posted by Gallipoli Home on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some of the features of the care home include:

  • Halal food
  • Prayer rooms
  • Staff are trained to understand Islamic values
  • Situated next to the mosque
  • Strong community focus
  • Beds that face the qibla
  • Staff who speak Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu, to cater for over 10 different cultural communities.

Posted by Gallipoli Home on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

With care homes still being much of a taboo subject in Muslim communities, this centre hopes to make the idea more welcoming.

This is Sydney’s First Muslim Aged-Care Centre!

The first ever Aged Care Centre for Muslims in Sydney!

Posted by OnePath Network on Friday, July 6, 2018

Source: Gallipoli Home

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