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Podcasts to Listen to During Ramadan

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 7th March, 2024

As Ramadan approaches, many of us seek ways to enhance our spiritual journey during this blessed month. There is truly no better time for self improvement and growth. In recent years, podcasts have emerged as a popular way for achieving these goals. They are free, they are convenient and they provide us with a flexibility to access knowledge and inspiration while we’re on the go, saving us time and money.

To make the most of this avenue, you can create playlists that are organised by theme or interest. Consider setting goals for the number of episodes and listen to them each week while commuting, exercising, or relaxing at home. Available on Spotify and Apple, here are some of Amaliah’s top picks for Ramadan podcasts to tune into.

Nurture the Faith

1. Yaqeen Institute 

Series to listen to: 

These episodes offer profound discussions on faith, spirituality, and Islamic teachings. Available on Youtube as well as a podcast, Yaqeen Institute and Imam Omar Suleiman have been delivering stellar series to us year after year. Most of these come with a short guide to reflect upon as you listen to the series. Qur’an 30 for 30, as the name suggests, are quick thirty minute episodes where Imam Omar Suleiman sits down with two more scholars where they share gems from one juz of the Qur’an each day of Ramadan. The daily insightful reflections are a great way to forge a deeper connection with Allah’s book in the month it was revealed.

Jannah:Home at Last was released in 2023 that shares awe inspiring descriptions of Jannah, that can truly motivate us to work towards attaining that eternal abode.

The Firsts: The Forerunners of Islam is a series that visits trailblazers of the ummah, diving into the stories of the giants who were the first of their kind in this world, and distinguished in the next. This is a great way to learn more about the personalities buried in history and the importance of doing righteous deeds. 

Yaqeen Institute series are a beautiful way to nourish your connection with Allah and His message in Ramadan.

2. Muslim Central

Muslim Central is exactly as the name suggests. An all in one central platform that offers a diverse range of Islamic lectures, sermons, and discussions by prominent scholars and speakers from around the world.

For those looking to perfect their salah this Ramadan, Wissam Sharif’s episodes meticulously guide through each step, accompanied by explanations and beautiful tajweed. Additionally, there are series dedicated to the tafseer of different surahs and an overview of the entire Qur’an, presented by distinguished scholars like Shaykha Taimiyyah Zubair, Sh. Dr. Yasir Qadhi, and Mufti Menk.

Imam Ammar Al Shukry shares 10-minute reflections on the 99 Names of Allah, offering insights to know our Creator but if you want to forge a deeper connection, Dr. Bilal Phillips has provided longer reflections on them. If you’re planning to go for Hajj, his Hajj chronicles might interest you as well. 

The platform also features podcasts on mental health, productivity, and personal development, such as Maryam Lemu’s episodes on pre-marital counselling and guidance for nurturing a healthy marriage.

Whether you seek religious knowledge, motivational talks, or spiritual reminders, Muslim Central has something for everyone.

3. Qalam Institute Podcast (@qalaminstitute)

The Qalam Institute Podcast offers a treasure trove of Islamic knowledge and spiritual insights. From Quranic reflections to practical advice on living a balanced life, this podcast provides valuable guidance for individuals seeking personal and spiritual growth. Their episodes will help you gain a deeper understanding on matters of fiqh, hadith, as well as insights on dealing with life’s obstacles and hurdles in a prophetic manner. The podcast’s “In his Footsteps” series beautifully explores the life and character of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, providing lessons for all from the seerah.

Another outstanding one is “The Sufficient Answer” by Sh. Mikaeel Smith, that explores the topic of curing spiritual sickness, offering practical solutions and guidance for addressing inner struggles on the basis of the beautiful book Al Jawab Al Kafi by Imam Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah (رَحِمَهُ ٱللَّٰهُ). Overall, The Qalam Institute Podcast is a rich resource for Islamic knowledge and spiritual enlightenment that can inshaAllah help you in revitalising your ibadah.

4. Hifdh Status Podcast (@hifdhstatus)

If you have lofty Qur’an goals this Ramadan, then this podcast is for you. Featuring stories from huffadh around the world, it offers impressive accounts that can motivate and inspire listeners on their own memorisation journeys.

Listeners can gather valuable tips and tricks to enhance their memorisation efforts during Ramadan and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing memorisation skills, this podcast  can provide valuable and practical advice to support your Qur’an memorisation journey.

Lifestyle & Culture

1. The Digital Sisterhood (@thedigitalsisterhood)

The #1 Podcast in US, UK, AUS in Self-Improvement Category, this award winning podcast harnesses the power of storytelling to create connections as well as discover truths about the world around us.

What sets Digital Sisterhood apart is its authenticity and genuine commitment to uplifting voices that are often marginalised. The discussions are raw, real, and resonate deeply with listeners.

The Digital Sisterhood podcast also addresses a wide range of topics relevant to modern Muslim women. Their upcoming release of Season 4 of their podcast, titled “Fighting for Faith” is a ground-breaking exploration of the resilience, activism, and empowerment of Muslim women globally. “Fighting for Faith” delves into the untold stories of Muslim women who are challenging societal norms. From Sudan to Palestine to Uyghuristan and beyond, each episode showcases the triumphs and struggles of women who refuse to be silenced.

Celebrating sisterhood, and providing a safe space for Muslim women of colour to share their stories, experiences, and insights on their relationship with Islam, what more could you want from a Muslim women centric podcast?

2. Mindful Muslimah Speaks (@mindfulmuslimah)

With an impressive audience of 5.6 million, Mindful Muslimah Speaks believes in empowering Muslim women to live a balanced life by fostering mindfulness and spiritual growth. Over the years she has addressed relevant topics such as personal development, nurturing relationships, overcoming hardship with grace and faith in the modern world. If you’re in need of a big sister who gives warm and kind hearted advice then look no further as you can find a wealth of uplifting discussions and practical tips and tricks for thriving instead of just surviving as a modern Muslimah. Her advice is rooted in strong Islamic knowledge, complemented by a nuanced understanding of living in the west. If you’re looking for a little “pick me up”, then this podcast might be for you.

3. Living With Barakah by Mohammed Faris (@productivemuslim)

Mohammed Faris has built a powerful brand around productivity and living life with purpose in accordance with Islamic principles. The tagline of his book The Barakh Effect is “More with less” and in his podcast he shares exactly that, guiding listeners to understand how they can develop a “barakah” mindset too. Some of the topics explored include adopting a disciplined work ethic in Islamic practices including praying charity and fasting. Through his insights, he guides listeners to bring gratitude and intentionality into daily life, fostering a sense of Barakah in all that we do.

4. Your Muslim Girl Podcast by Fatima Sabir (@yourmuslimgirlpodcast)

Fatima Sabir’s podcast might be just a year old but it stood out as a warm welcoming safe space for sisters seeking advice, growth, and community. With a commitment to addressing topics relevant to young Muslim women in the Western world, Fatima creates a space for authentic conversations and meaningful insights.

Each week, Fatima brings different speakers to explore issues that impact and influence Muslims daily, from navigating identity to pursuing personal and professional goals. Through engaging discussions and occasional moments of levity, Your Muslim Girl Podcast offers valuable advice and guidance for listeners on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

What sets Your Muslim Girl Podcast apart is its emphasis on collective learning and growth reminding us that we are not alone in our experiences. Whether it is talking about setting up habits for Ramadan, reflecting on the discomfort that comes with growth or even school and career advice, Your Muslim Girl Podcast offers something for everyone.

Spirituality & World

1. The Thinking Muslim by Muhammad Jalal

One of the top podcasts offering thought-provoking Islamic content, the Thinking Muslim podcast has shown its commitment to providing a clear, logical, and compelling take on complex issues that are not only informative but also highly relevant to the current affairs affecting Muslims globally. 

Muhammed Jalal brings on insightful scholars and speakers who offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise on various aspects of the Muslim world, while understanding the essence of Islam. You can find a range of topics here, from spirituality and ethics to contemporary social issues – all approached with an open-mindedness that encourages critical thinking. Moreover, his ability to ask the right questions ensures that listeners are able to gain a deeper understanding of the topics being discussed. He also does an excellent job of bridging the gap between traditional Islamic teachings and modern practice, offering views that are practical and relatable. From Quranic sciences to discussions on contemporary issues facing Muslims, the podcast covers a wide spectrum of topics with depth and nuance.

Whether you’re a lifelong Muslim seeking to deepen your faith or someone from a different background curious about Islam’s teachings, we recommend that you give this podcast a listen.

2. Sheikhing it Up with Sheikh Faiyaz

Sheikh Faiyaz is an engaging host who offers commentary on various aspects of Islam, spirituality, humanity, justice, and contemporary issues from the lens of the Qur’an and the sunnah. He offers daily reflections in Ramadan inspiring his listeners to live a meaningful and fulfilling life in accordance with Islamic principles. These are also great for someone looking to reconnect with their faith, specially with Ramadan coming up. Sheikh Faiyaz offers gentle encouragement and daily reminders that can help you take the necessary steps required towards strengthening your deen.

3. The Qarawiyyin Podcast (@qarawiyyinproj)

The Qarawiyyin Project is a global initiative aimed at reviving Islamic discourse among Muslim women. If you have ever questioned your self worth or felt undervalued, you should give a listen to their episode on how to gain spiritual strength and resilience. Or perhaps you are frustrated with the challenges women commonly face when attempting to access even basic information about their deen. Check out their episode with Shaykha Maryam Amir where she dispels misconceptions regarding women reciting the Qur’an, and illustrates the power of reciting and memorising the Word of Allah ﷻ. Amplifying the voices of Muslim women, this podcast addresses a wide range of topics including Islamic scholarship, feminism, and social justice.

4. The Mohamed Ghilan Podcast

Mohamed Ghilan is a renowned scholar and educator offering thoughtful analysis on topics related to religion, philosophy, science, society, culture since 2016. If you’re looking to take a nourishing intellectual journey, where you get to explore the depths of Islamic theology or dissect modern societal challenges, this podcast might be for you. His latest episode offers a discussion on the status of Jerusalem in Islam and the attitude a Muslim should adopt with regards to their relationship to the Holy Land.

If you want something spiritual, check out their weekly live sessions of Al-Andalus Academy’s Halaqa series, currently focusing on the study of Sidi ibn ‘Atā-illah’s Kitab at-Tanwīr (The Book of Illumination). The discussion explores three compelling reasons to relinquish control to Allah, highlighting the illusion of our own agency and understanding. This podcast promises to serve insightful commentary and thought-provoking discussions that encourage reflection and questioning the status quo.

We hope you can enrich your Ramadan days by immersing yourself in valuable discussions, spiritual reflections, and practical advice that will inshaAllah nourish your mind and soul while deepening your connection with Allah SWT. Happy listening and Ramadan Kareem!

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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