When it comes to shopping for eye pencils, there are umpteen types and shades, all which give their own unique style of finish. Although in the past, I have experimented with different colours such as blue, green and brown, my staple eye pencil colour remains black till today. I feel most comfortable with a black liner and feel that it compliments all my makeup looks.

So why did I choose this pencil? Well after years of using liquid liners, I felt I need to have a bit of a change and move onto a pencil. There are umpteen brands out there with different types of eye pencils however I just knew that Chanel won’t disappoint me and I was right. I love this pencil.
The ease with which I can apply liner is superb. It is smooth and easy to correct. When I have finished using it, it looks like a deep colour on my eyes. This pencil has specially been created to be used in the inner rims of the eyelid; lower and upper.
What makes this pencil so great?
You get a free sharpener with it!
Heheh yes that is true but what really makes this pencil special is that it uses a combination of vegetable fats which provides the easy smooth application and also that it has talc which holds the liner in place without smudging.
When using eye pencils, I tend to avoid making a wing at the end because I feel that just comes more flowingly for me using liquid eye liner. Therefore, with this pencil I do a quick line on top of my eyelid and then sometimes I use it on my lower inner eyelid too.
Do you have a favourite eye pencil? Let me know in the comments and I would love to try them out too. I use up eye makeup the fastest so I don’t mind having a variety of them.
Thanks for reading!

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