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Life after divorce. Learning to breathe again.

Learning to breathe again This past week marked the 5th anniversary of the date of my Islamic divorce. Often, I wonder which date I should remember as the end. Which punctuation mark? Which point of separation or reunion? From when do you pin point the end, when the end began at the very beginning? As…

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Empowerment looks different to everyone

The Burkini Ban has reminded us yet again that ’empowerment looks different to everyone’ . We’ve seen the tremendous support for the woman who was forcibly told to remove her burkini in France and that’s when the twitter storm began. We’ve even seen LBC defend the burkini and Dina Tokio let us all know what…

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Women of Colour Magic from this Dubai brand

This week we had the chance to speak to Nim, you might remember her from our Muslim Woman Crush series. A 20 something lover of Fashion, Photography and all things creative. A passionate story teller who dreams of reclaiming the narrative by using her creativity to become a mouth piece for those silenced and voiceless. Through visual story…

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