The hidden refugee mental health crisis


The last few years we've seen the rise in awareness around mental health issues, from an increase in mindfulness apps to celebrities speaking out about their own challenges. If we take the example of depression which is currently ranked fourth among the 10 leading causes of the global burden of disease, it is predicted that by the year 2020, it will have jumped to second place (WHO). 

A parallel crisis that has emerged in the last few years is the refugee crisis. While many are actively working on raising funds to help with shelter and goods, what often gets overlooked is the hidden crisis that is the mental health amongst migrating minds.

The crisis invisible to the eye, the unseen war between a refugees present and history and their unacknowledged shattered mental health. Suicide, Adjustment disorder, PTSD, Sleep disorder, Psychosis, Somatoform disorder, Major Depression and disabling anxiety. The list is endless, and the number of restless souls are uncountable.

Migrating minds is an event, on the 22nd of April, that will explore mental health among refugees and the solutions. 

"Focusing on the consequences of their traumatic journeys, with the raw truth revealed, it’s time we were anchors for our troubled brothers and sisters."

Unique professionals are promised, with uncensored experiences shared, exclusive spoken word and active solutions offered. Every speaker and performer is closely related to refugees in some way. Whether through rigorous research, honourable charity or dedicated aid - we want you to leave with several, impactful stories which all of our speakers have authored, and the motivation to start your own chapter.

"You are part of the answer to the hidden refugee crisis. So join us, to empathise, to recognise and respond. Let Migrating Minds inspire you to make a difference in the lives of many across the world."

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