Winter is great, heres why.

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Benefits of winter for the believer

Undoubtedly Winter can be a depressing time for many people, shorter days, reduced light and chilling cold weather, some even develop SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) It really can be a difficult time where health and well-being both physical and mental, can take a beating. However, for a muslim the winter is a special time. It is a time when the Sahabah used to rejoice! The Prophet SAW said:

“The winter season is the spring time for the believer. The nights are long therefore he stands in worship and the days are short therefore he fasts.”

He encouraged the Sahabah to take full advantage of this season. Blessings descend during the winter and Allah SWT truly has made it easy for us to increase our acts of worship. So if this is a time of year that you find difficult, as always, there can be inspiration found in our deen.

 Here are the benefits of Winter for the believer:

  • Fasting without difficulty - the days are short and cool and the reward is easy


  • Pray on time - the window for each prayer is short, therefore the Winter reminds us of the importance and necessity of praying on time. We have to plan our days carefully around our Salah and this is exactly how it should be.


  • The night is long - therefore you can increase your worship and still have a healthy amount of sleep.


  • Night Prayer - Fajr Salat is so late that it becomes much easier to get up during the last portion of the night when Allah is closest to us - at that moment Allah is asking - is the there anyone who is making dua so i can accept it…is there anyone seeking forgiveness so I can grant it. This is the best Salah after our 5 daily prayers & the winter gives us a great opportunity to gain this reward with ease.


  • Easier to wake up for Fajr - It is especially a good time to encourage your children to pray falr as it is not too much of a burden for them to wake up.


  • Play dates at home can become Halaqah’s - being more inclined to have play dates at home, why not shift your intention, add a simple reminder and know that the angels are joining you.


  • Count our blessings - in the cold weather, we have food, shelter, heating and warm coats. we need to think of those who are displaced, homeless, suffering in worn torn countries in the freezing cold. We need to show that gratitude to Allah.


  • Give more Zakat- not only should be grateful but we should show kindness to those without these luxuries, we should be charitable give more Zakat, volunteer, feed a hungry person, use this as an opportunity to increase our good deeds in whatever way that we can.


“Whoever alleviates the suffering of another muslim allah will remove some of his budens on the day of judgement.”


In a hadith the Prophet SAW said:


“Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death.” 

So lets really view these Winter months in a positive way like the Sahabah did, lets use this time to truly nourish our spiritual souls. Imagine how we can welcome the Spring with a renewed sense of faith and energy, knowing that we offered the very best of ourselves for His sake.

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