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5 Businesses Led by Black Women in the UK That You Need to Know About

by in Soul on 19th October, 2016

Source: Instagram @hugmyhair
Source: Instagram @hugmyhair

Our Black-British Muslim sisters

There is no better time than Black History Month to highlight the amazing work of our sisters who are building brands, businesses, and making their unique path in the world with their array of talents and abilities, right here in the UK.

Below are a few women I have had the privilege of featuring on The Black Muslim Times and I’m hoping you will show support for them too.

Natural Haircare

Dalilah Baruti – Founder of natural haircare brand, Hug my Hair

Baruti has created a natural hair care brand made from 100% cruelty-free and vegetarian products. She also sells scarves made of high-quality material, to make sure that afro hair is well cared for even when covered up.

As a hijabi, she noticed the lack of representation for Black Muslim women in the natural hair care world, and decided to write an e-book addressing the Black Muslim woman’s hair care concerns and did this with a unique Islamic perspective.

Check out her e-book and to check out her range of natural hair care products, Read more about her on The Black British Muslim Times


Sheeda Queen – Author of YA novel Chestnut

A fresh voice to urban literature in the UK, Sheeda Queen describes her book as fiction autobiography. The author draws on her personal life and experiences growing up including  knife crime, to bring a hard-hitting young adult novel.

To learn more about what influenced the author Read her Interview

Layinka Sanni – Writing coach for Muslim women

With over 10 years of editing experience guiding writers through their craft, Layinka is now dedicating her skills to coaching Muslim women on their writing journey.

Her interview coming up in the next issue of The Black Muslim Times UK, discusses her motivations for being a helping hand in Muslim women leaving a legacy of words in the world, and a figure of accountability to guide them away from procrastination and other excuses for pursuing writing dreams.

She also offers coaching packages which can be found on her site above.

Modest Fashion

Deeqa Raandhe – Fashion designer

Deeqa Raandhe is the creative mind behind the fashion line DeesPresence, clothing that is modest with a classic touch. Her love of different colours, prints and designs is showcased through her one of kind clothing pieces.

Find out more here 

AnahMaria Active Wear – Founder of modest sportswear for women

After experiencing a lack of modest clothing in the sportswear market, and seeing her friends going through the same struggle, Anna Peters said her turning point to create came when she saw a woman working out in the gym in a salwar khameez.

Her contemporary line of sportswear ranges in size, and does not compromise on modesty or comfort.

Read more about her here 

Halimat Shode

Halimat Shode

Halimat Shode is the founder of a quarterly on-line publication and platform dedicated to representation of Black Muslims in the UK, The Black Muslim Times.