is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women. We have a digital footprint of over 3.2 million each month and a contributor community of over 300. Through articlesvideos, our award-winning podcasts, our social channels, events, brand partnerships, our work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within our communities.

We believe that a media company that centres the voices of Muslim women is a powerful tool for cultural change. Our work has been celebrated in Forbes, The Telegraph, CNN and The Guardian to name a few. We have worked with Stylist Magazine, Lush, Pinterest and Waterstones to create meaningful moments for Muslim women to feel seen. We have the reach, but can only do what we do with your support. Our community is what powers the platform, and it has never been more important for Muslim women to be heard. We want to help amplify your stories and experiences, to do yourself justice as a writer, and to ensure you’re prepared when sending us your pieces. We believe everyone is a writer if they have a voice and a story, you may just need a little fine-tuning with your writing skills, structure, and presentation. This is why we decided it was important you know a little about our guidelines so that you don’t run the risk of having your piece overlooked due to how it has been presented.

Here is a little explainer of all you need to know

We have 5 categories:

IdentityRelationshipsSoul, World, and Lifestyle,

You can write about everything from commentary on world events, your fave beauty products, to relationship advice and what to do on a Friday night. We all have different opinions, tastes and stories to share, and so, we’d like to invite you as a contributor to Amaliah to share your story and perspectives. Whether you would like to submit a one-off opinion piece, or a reflection on a trending topic – Amaliah is here to amplify your voice as a Muslim woman.

 How can you Join?

Do you feel you share the same vision as Amaliah but may have different opinions? Thats what we are looking for! Start penning your thoughts. We accept work for the categories below, and if your idea doesn’t fit into any of them, just send us a short paragraph about what you want to share and why:

  • Identity – What makes you, you? Share a story of your journey to becoming the woman that you are today, or striving to become!
  • Relationships – From romantic relationships to relationships with our parents, the relationship we have with ourselves, Allah, and even our past or future – got a story to tell?
  • Soul – A focus on the spiritual side of things – tips, advice, experiences, and pieces to nourish and boost our eman. Has anything boosted your eman or comforted your heart? Got an experience to share? We’d love to hear from you!
  • World – From current affairs to stories across the globe and trending topics – if you have a take on something happening in the world, this vertical is for you!
  • Lifestyle – Content inspired by your interests and daily activity. Inspire, guide and motivate others!

If words aren’t quite your forte, you can submit a photo series or do an Instagram story takeover to cover an event.


Think about who you are speaking to? The community is mainly from the UK, however, we also have visitors from Australia, Turkey, Malaysia, USA, France, Dubai, and other countries – so please keep in mind that our audience is a diverse one with a global outlook!

Tips for an opinion piece: 

If you are writing an opinion piece, remember that we want our pieces to resonate with the greater community, so ensure you’re drawing on experiences without it reading like a narrative. What are the key themes that you are trying to convey? Always try to link back to your audience, think about how you want your message to be received. Try to avoid using ‘I’ too many times and learn to keep asking yourself, ‘why is relevant?’ after each paragraph.

How to get started:

  1. Send us a draft or full piece (we are currently not accepting pitches) to
  2. Send in a link you would like your profile to link to (this could be social media or your blog/website), give us a bio and headshot image.
  3. We also republish pieces from existing blogs. Simply send over a link to your bio, and grant us permission to publish content from your blog or website.

If you are submitting a full piece:

  • Please provide a biography
  • A headshot
  • A specific URL for the page you would like your work to be linked to (e.g. a social media username or blog)
  • Please provide links within the piece if you have referred to an external source to ensure credibility and depth (e.g. when quoting someone, or providing a statistic)
  • Our word limit is 800-1600 words, depending on the piece. If you’d like to produce a series over a longer period of time, Amaliah can also accommodate this

If your piece is published, we welcome you to share it via your platforms and engage with any commentators on our platforms. We are happy to send you titles and topics if you’re stuck with writer’s block!

Please note, due to the high volume of submissions, we are not always able to get back to each of you with feedback on why the piece is not being published. 

Amaliah does do not publish pieces that promote hate, prejudice, and discrimination of any kind. The views of our contributors do not reflect those of Amaliah.