We believe that a media company that amplifies the voices of Muslim women is a powerful tool for cultural change. Our work has been featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, CNN and The Guardian to name a few. We have covered a range of topics, issues and celebrated so much from the community. We have voices representing the global sisterhood, from the UK predominantly although over the years we have seen a growth in contributors and the community from the USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, France to Turkey and Kuwait. 

Your Voice


Whichever way you express yourself, there are a range of ways to be heard across our Amaliah platforms. You can…

  • Submit a written editorial contribution for Amaliah.com (guidelines below
  • Share a photo/digital image series to feature on Amaliah.com
  • Reply to the our newsletter writing prompts and- have your work be read by our subscribers 
  • Share your wisdom via Instagram polls that happen fortnightly
  • Express your thoughts on our Friday #Muslimtwitter roundups
  • Let us know your thoughts on the next Twitter question we pose
  • Slide into our DMs or interact with our Takeover guests  (we may not always reply but we always read them)
  • Attend our next Soul Session and benefit from the space as a contributor or listener 

We look forward to seeing your name pop up in our community InshaAllah.

How to Submit

It’s super important you read the next bit and follow the guidelines to ensure your contribution is moved on to our editing room and not left behind! 

All emails must be sent to contribute@amaliah.com this applies to existing contributors.




Subject line: [First name & Article category*]

Email body:

Dear Editor,

  1. Summary of what the article is about (100 words)
  2. Let us know if you are a new or returning contributor
  3. Full name to be used when publishing OR Anonymous
  4. Proposed title of the contribution (we may not always use this)
  5. Bio of self (a few sentences about you), image of self attached, social media handles and website if you have one (if you are submitting anonymously please state)
  6. Has the contribution been published somewhere else? Please share where.
  7. Attachment of the contribution in word format (No PDFs)

We accept anonymous contributions, or contributions under a pen name for a number of reasons. We may, in some instances, ask for the contribution to be anonymised due to the duty of care we have towards our writers, particularly for topics or personal essays of a more sensitive nature. In those cases, anonymising a contribution means safeguarding a writer against any direct abuse, threats or negative reactions they may be subjected to.

We may not publish your piece and often it’s because it doesn’t quite fit our editorial tone or it’s really short, it is not a reflection of your work. We would also encourage you to check out and submit your work to a few platforms we love like: Muslim Vibe, gal-dem, Black Ballad, Mvslim, Burnt Roti.

Now the exciting part…What to write?

One thing we love about the Muslim Women who have contributed to Amaliah.com is the variety in stories, topics and experiences . We’ve covered everything from self care from a spiritual perspective and recipes, to guides on how to start investing and travel guides! 

We know that your contributions make our community feel loved, seen and heard or introduce them to new ideas and conversations. There may be topics that haven’t been covered and we welcome you to fill the gaps!

Whatever your contribution we would like to invite you as a contributor to Amaliah to share your voice through words or pictures. Whether you would like to submit a one-off opinion piece on a trending topic – Amaliah is here to amplify voices of Muslim women.

We have a range of formats that we accept:

Word Limit: 1000-2000 words*

(*Depending on the piece. If you’d like to produce a series over a longer period of time, Amaliah can also accommodate this.)

Here are some ideas for each category:

  • Identity – What makes you, you? Share a story of your journey to becoming the woman that you are today, or striving to become! Or is there a specific conversation that needs to be had in relation to your identity that you would like to explore?
  • Relationships – From romantic relationships to relationships with our parents, the relationship we have with ourselves, Allah, and even our past or future – got a story to tell?
  • Soul – A focus on the spiritual side of things – tips, advice, experiences, and pieces to nourish and boost our eman. Has anything boosted your eman or comforted your heart? Got an experience to share? We’d love to hear from you!
  • Lifestyle – Content inspired by your interests and daily activities. Inspire, guide and motivate others! Think travel, recipes, hobbies, crafting and reading.
  • World – From current affairs to stories across the globe and trending topics – if you have a take on something happening in the world, this vertical is for you.

Who are you speaking to?

First, always those who identify as Muslim women.

When writing your contribution remember that the community is global so if you use terms that are relevant to you, you may need to explain them or if your experiences are a reflection of a movement or experience influenced by your geography then include that in the piece. 

Remember that the community is mainly from the UK, however, we also have visitors from Australia, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, USA, France, and other countries – so please keep in mind that our audience is a diverse one with a global outlook.

Getting Published 

So now your contribution is on Amaliah.com we are excited for you!

It is always a joy to see a new voice or existing community member. We will share it across our social media platforms Instagram\ Twitter\Facebook. If you provided your social media handles we will endeavour to tag you.

If the tag is missing it may have been a mistake just nudge us in the DMS. 

We may also invite you to create an audio version of it as a part of our anthology series. You can have a listen here.

Shaming language is also not accepted about any persons, groups of people.

Amaliah does not publish pieces that promote hate, prejudice, and discrimination of any kind. The views of each of our contributors do not reflect those of Amaliah.