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7 Hijab-Friendly Hairdressers in London

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 9th September, 2021

After a year or so of at-home treatments, DIY home hair dyes jobs to desperate haircuts. Some pretty decent and some absolute disasters, it’s finally time to hand over the scissors and dye over to the professionals. The beauty haven that is the hairdressers are back opened (for a while now nonetheless the significance shouldn’t be downplayed). YouGov reported that two in five people were looking forward to getting a professional haircut.

For a hijabi, booking a hairdressers appointment isn’t as easy as popping into your local hairdressers for an appointment, it’s a whole process. The process has thankfully become increasingly easier as the world catches up with the fact that women in hijabs also need a haircut and pampering every so often! More and more hairdressers are offering a safe space not only for Muslim women but for all women with different hair types, for that completely comfortable experience. While on the surface, the humble salon may be a place of hairdressing essentially, but it’s more than that, it’s a place of self-care, community and source of comfort. On that note, here are some of the best hijabi friendly London salons for all hair types. Now all you have to do is book an appointment and prioritise a bit of hair self care.

Best For Curls: The Curl Bar London:

Founded by hair enthusiast Nia The Light. The Curl Bar London is created as a haven for all curly hair women, who are all about embracing their natural curls. They pride themselves on catering to their customers every need and that’s exactly what The Curl Bar London does, with the option to tailor your appointment to your requirements and offering hijabi friendly services at the initial stage without any awkwardness.

Prices range from £60 for an intensive treatment to £110 for a cut and style.

Best For Afro Hair – Errol Douglas:

You know you’re in good hands when the lead hairdresser was awarded The Hairdresser Of The Year At The London Lifestyle Awards. With years and celeb names under his belt, Errol Douglas knows a thing or two about hair. Book an appointment at Errol Douglas salon for expert care and advice, and most importantly offer female hairdressers and private work areas.

Prices range from £150, you’re paying for years of high level experience and skill. 

Best For Last Minute Styling – Harrods Hair & Beauty Salon:

Sometimes you fancy a quick, hassle-free blow-dry, or maybe a hair emergency calls for urgent professional care, the Harrods salon is your port of call. Conveniently located at the heart of the city, offers private rooms to meet all your styling needs, whenever you need them.

Get a professional blow dry for £45. 

Best For Full Pamper Session- Beauty Kulture London:

Complete female-only space, no man in sight. Often getting your hair done, calls for complete self-care maintenance, time for you. Beauty Kulture offers a wide range of services to give you the full pampering service, from hair braiding to massages, get full servicing at the hands of expert stylists and beauticians.

For hair cuts from £45 to highlights for £80, definitely a more affordable option.

Best For Hair Protein Treatments: HK Salon

They might be small in terms of business but their treatments are far from small. Known for their innovative range of treatments from keratin to protein to vitamin hair treatment, which works to restore healthy hair. This is the place to revive any hair issues, treatment for just about everything.

Prices for their treatments start from £50.

Best For Night Out Hair: Mebu Hair and Beauty 

Whether you have 4C or 2A hair Mebu is a magician, she’ll have you coming out with the best going out hair. For all the special occasions, Medo is your go-to, with over 18 years of experience, you know you’re in good hands.

Prices depend on your hair length, for shorter hair, prices start from £60. 

Best For Sustainable Scalp Care: Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa 

If you’re familiar with Aveda, you know that they’re a brand that cares not for your hair but the environment. Not only are all their products vegan but the brand is conscious of their environmental impact, from the product production to the interior of the salon. Choose a female stylist and get your hair done in a secluded area.  If you’re an eco-warrior, consider booking an appointment at the Aveda Lifestyle Salon, with a clear conscience.

Prices start from £20 to £205, something to fit all budgets.

Zeynab Mohamed

Zeynab Mohamed

Zeynab Mohamed is a freelance writer, exploring the prisms of culture, identity, beauty and religion as it to relates to marginalised voices.