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Here Are 10 Things You Can Do While on Your Period This Ramadan

by in Lifestyle on 21st April, 2022

Just started your period with the onset of Ramadan? Or you’re due in the last 10 days maybe? There’s always a slight air of panic around menstruating during the holy month, with many not knowing what forms of Ibaadah (worship) are available to them since both fasting and praying is not permitted. It’s also easy to fall out of the ‘Ramadan Spirit’ when you’re not fasting, it’s especially so under the lockdown, where communal gatherings are no longer open to us.

The theme of this Ramadan for some might appear to be, ‘no entry’. Luckily, Amaliah have come through with a video we made last year highlighting 10 useful ways you can still perform your best this Ramadan while still on your period.



Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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