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Ramadan Advent Calendars Bring Me Joy!

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 10th March, 2021

Ramadan Calendar

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The month before Ramadan means that lot’s of Instagram and Pinterest pages start showering us with beautiful ideas for Ramadan decorations. One of the key ideas I see year in year out is the Ramadan advent calendar. Whether you choose to buy one or make one there is definitely an excitement about having one in our home.

Now I am not the most organised when it comes to Ramadan for the kids, in the sense I don’t plan lots of activities for the kids, it’s somewhat become intentional as I have re-focused to ensuring I get the most out of the month, the best gift for them is a mother who has been spiritually nourished, I really want them to see how it can transform someones state.

May Allah grant us the best of Ramadan and may we be excellent guides for our children. Ameen

I think though to have that focus a little pre-planning can help when the month arrives, I also do believe they learn a lot through being around adults who observe Ramadan and there is a lot in our day to day which can include them, like helping to prepare food at Iftar time and the charitable aspect of Ramadan or learning the dua for forgiveness together. I have found the calendars a great way of incorporating some of this and allows me to focus and feel I have specifically done something for them. Something as simple as printing an ayah from the Quran and reading it with them daily brings a little lightness into the home and a chance for us to all reflect and learn from one another.

Whilst it takes a little pre-planning I feel the benefits really help and when Ramadan comes around, it provides a sigh of relief and some direction each day, on tired hard days it has been a real help for me when I have needed to snooze for 15 minutes longer. Every morning they would wake excited to see what was in the calendars and I was relieved I’d prepared them, just last year I prepared them in Ramadan and we started on day 5, late but it happened.

It’s a lovely way to build Ramadan memories and a positive association to the month.

We are still deciding on the type of calendar we will have this year but I thought I would share my Inspo thus far. With Ramadan changing for many of us I would state that this isn’t exclusively for families with children, I think it’s great to have one of these in the home no matter the age! There is so much inspiration available on making your own but there are also lot’s of Muslim owned businesses who have designed some beautiful advent calendars for our homes. I have shortlisted just a handful which include both DIY and ones you can purchase.

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