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#Blackiftar Created by Samira Iman Aims to Create a Safe Space for Black Muslims & Their Friends

by in Identity on 22nd May, 2019

Image Source: @rj.eldridge // msmakkah

The #Blackiftar initiative was formally created by Samira Iman in 2015. It focuses the importance of creating purposeful spaces especially during months like Ramadan where the community comes alive. Delight and happiness is clear to see on Twitter. Whilst the events were created in the USA, we are creating the same spaces independently in the UK too.

The Black Iftar site states:

“Black Iftar was created with the intention of celebrating a daily Ramadan ritual, the sunset meal with Black Muslims & their friends.”

For a full interview with the founder of #Blackiftar, read a recent interview by Ikran Dahir in Buzzfeed
Samira shares on Twitter that “Black iftar is a 100% volunteer effort led by black muslim women. Literally – the hosts thought, ‘this is dope, I want to bring this to my community & city too’, & are making it happen during Ramadan, while also fasting, praying, reading Quran, working fulltime, lovin on they fam.”
The initiative has its doors open to all during the month of Ramadan, including those of other religious groups. However, #BlackIftar wanted to create a space that importantly raises awareness of the struggles Black Muslims often face in community or mosque spaces, where needs are often met to a certain ethnic demographics over the Black Muslim community or spaces have not felt inclusive. The initiative has stated on their site that this is especially true of cities in the USA like Chicago.

Some Muslims in the community have tried to shut down the idea of #Blackiftar but have been shut down, because there’s no space for that negativity!

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