Amaliah x Lush is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women. Through our articles, videos, award-winning podcasts, social channels, events and brand partnerships, our work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within our communities. We believe that a media company that centres the voices of Muslim women is a powerful tool for cultural change. 

Amaliah has been on the forefront of leading change in the marketing and advertising industry with a digital footprint of over 6.2 million monthly and a contributor community of over 500. We have worked with brands such as Spotify, Lush, Pinterest, Dove and Waterstones to create meaningful moments for Muslim women to feel seen.

Amaliah x Waterstones

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Amaliah has been recognised across national and international media outlets including Stylist, Forbes, Guardian, Telegraph and Evening Standard. Our founders have won several awards including Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020, Evening Standard’s Most Influential in Media, Ad Age Women to Watch, Kindness in Leadership, Allbright Exceptional Entrepreneurs, Audio APA Podcast Winners and IB100 FT x Inclusive Boards.

Our Community 

The Amaliah audience represents one of the ways the face of who holds influence is rapidly changing. Over the last five years, we have built a trusted platform that engages meaningfully with generation M.

Our socials are the heart of the Amaliah community. Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest we have an engaged audience of over 80,000 followers who make up our digital sisterhood while our newsletter curates the best of Amaliah each week for our 5600 readers.

Through our brands, Amaliah, Insights and Halal Gems we are dedicated to creating inclusive moments for Muslims. Our campaign ideas seek to bring value to our audience whether that be a feeling of joy, getting a conversation starting, influencing cultural change or creating a space for Muslim women to live their best lives.

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Our Clients

We work with a range of organisations and businesses, using our insights to inform product and campaign development. We produce content and events to create an understanding of our audience and to reach them effectively. From working with Universal on the 2020 James Bond communication campaign, to creating events and editorial for Waterstones and Lush that engage our audience.

Amaliah In Action 

Amaliah in partnership with Dove x Refinery29

Angelica, Beauty Monologue 001 #DovexRefinery29

We try to fit into the scripts for women: delicate, pretty, small. But I then realised, that beauty manifests in a myriad of ways, just like the different flowers in a garden.”

– Angelica @villageauntie, Beauty Monologue 001

The Dove Self Esteem Project has been working to increase the confidence and self-esteem of young girls and women. Dove wanted to reach more audiences and ensure that their messaging was being inclusive to different identities and intersections. We put our heads together at Amaliah, came up with a creative strategy and the production of a campaign idea specific to Dove’s mission and aims. 

Presenting Beauty Monologues, where we collaborated with the Amaliah community and asked them to rewrite their own definitions of beauty. The final result was heartfelt prose and real talk on confidence, self-esteem and acceptance which resonated with our audience and saw a reach of over 600k across socials and editorial during the campaign!

Amaliah Presents: Beauty Monologues – In Partnership With Dove × Refinery29

Amaliah’s work with Muslim charities

Muslim charities unfortunately suffer with negative perceptions in trust by the public, this teamed with conversations on admin fees dominating in Ramadan means charities rely on the backing of authentic and trusted voices in the Muslim community. Charities like Islamic Relief and National Zakat Foundation, leveraged our authority by tackling the conversation around Admin fees head on and educating out audiences. We saw an organic reach of 1 million during the editorial and social campaigns. It is also worth noting that articles like these continue to benefit the organisation beyond the initial activation due to indexing on Google through SEO. 

Amaliah x Pinterest Celebrating Ramadan and Eid

Pinterest knew that their platform’s core strength lay in calendar moments – be it weddings, house moves, holidays, or family planning – the app is at its most captivating when users can seek inspiration for a specific moment in time.

However, like many platforms, they struggled with reaching audiences not fully represented in their staff base, and in authentically providing content for one of the biggest religious holidays in the UK – Eid. 

Amaliah stepped in to support the platform in curating boards around core themes – fashion, food, and celebration all for Eid. We provide creative ideas to engage Muslim audiences, while backed by an authentic voice. 

Over the course of the month, the boards saw over 2 million impressions, and were an authentic voice in the celebration period from Pinterest. The content continues to index well throughout the year seeing over 400k views each month.

Amaliah Upskills 

Over the last 5 years, Amaliah has been commited to amplifying the voices of Muslim women and upskilling our community to take steps in industries we are underepresented in.

Amaliah x 23 Code Street 

A scholarship fund for 2 Muslim women to go through the 23CS coding school which resulted in both Muslim women gaining employment in tech.

Amaliah x Waterstones

An in store event which equipped attendees with a starter guide on how to get published, discussing everything from royalties, agents, self publishing and manuscripts. 

Amaliah Media Training Programme 

A three week free media training programme for 12 Muslim women which equipped our cohort with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to engage with the media. Applicants were from a range of topic areas including, maternal health, climate change, inclusion in sports, accessibility for deaf communities as well as Islamic fintech. 

Amaliah x Enrol Yourself

A bursary for WoC to take part in a learning accelerator which has seen 3 Muslim women go through it to help acheive their freelancing and career aims.

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