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We’re introducing the first version of our membership here at Amaliah. Your membership supports the work Amaliah does to help Muslim women thrive. Every now and then we will also send you perks like early access to events and content at Amaliah, money off events we and our friends run as well as exclusive invites!

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Amaliah is about creating safe spaces both online and offline, to help Muslim women live their best lives.

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It’s no secret that at times it is a struggle being Muslim in today’s political climate. The representation of Muslim in the media has become synonymous with sinister-looking images of men in beards and women in a niqab. In fact, Terrorism is the most reoccurring theme when Muslims are covered in the news. This has often meant that as a community we are constantly reacting to the latest headline about us. Amaliah is about creating spaces to exist on our own terms, to shape thought, to celebrate, to document and to create our own narratives. 

We are a small team of three with a community of incredible contributors who help write stories and contribute to building the Amaliah community. We would like to keep our events and editorial as accessible as possible which means most of it is available to access for free. We are committed to not creating click-bait content as a means to generate revenue and only work with brands and companies that align to our values. 

We have ambitions to become a global media company that amplifies the voices of Muslim women and continues to help our community live their best lives. 

Some of the things we have done:

  1. Amplify the voices of Muslim women, many of the Muslim women who write for Amaliah have never been published before. With the media being made up of a demographic that is 94% white and 55% male, we NEED our voices out there.
  2. We report on stories that are often overlooked in the mainstream media, like the story of Shukri Abdi and the uprising in Sudan and those that are misreported and misrepresented. We also use our platform to celebrate and highlight the many different initiatives and wins in our communities.
  3. We create safe spaces whether it’s Street Eats where Muslims from all backgrounds come together to enjoy inclusive food and entertainment, Soul Sessions which recently helped our community grieve the New Zealand attacks or our online spaces where we have an incredible sisterhood.

Through events, articles, podcasts, our social channels and videos we seek to amplify the voices of Muslim women. 

Amaliah Soul Session

We would love to be able to do more of this, go deeper and increase our reach by having contributors around the world, putting on more events, creating documentaries and alternative narratives.

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If you have any feedback please email me on We would also love to know why you want to make a contribution to Amaliah, your feedback and comments matter to us and sometimes is what keeps us going! 

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We also appreciate that not everyone is able to contribute financially in supporting our mission, we recognise support in all its forms including offering your skills, amplifying our work, introductions to people who want to work with us, contributing to Amaliah editorial and of course your duas!

On behalf of the Amaliah team, thank you for all the support and encouragement, it never goes unnoticed. 



Co-founder and CEO