5 things to do with mama

By Selina Bakkar

This is a post for the ladies and gents who were so occupied with pleasing their mothers all year round that they forgot that Mothers Day is even a thing! We have thrown in some ideas for you to choose from! Do let us know if you visit these places and tag us too! CLIFTON…

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Dealing with anxiety – A Muslimah’s Perspective

By Saraiya Bah

What’s your worst nightmare?  Is it walking into an important meeting wearing your pyjamas? Being locked in a cage with a man-eating tiger.  How about sky diving and then realising that the parachute is faulty?  Those are far-fetched examples.  Maybe not the parachute one though – that’s quite a frequent occurrence.  But I digress – everyone…

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Dear Muslims, Please don’t feel like you have to condemn these attacks.

By Tuba Mazhari

Dear Muslim friends, I know that horrible sinking feeling you get when a horrific incident occurs. You worry that the perpetrator is a Muslim/that the perpetrator will be perceived to be Muslim. You worry that you or your friends and relatives have to pay the price for it – walking down the street/in a restaurant/in…

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