By Amnah

The maxi dresses with sleeves that don’t have slits and aren’t backless are always on our radar. Asos have just released this grey embellished maxi dress which would be perfect for Eid and the summer wedding season ahead. Try this sooner than later before it sells out!

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5 things to do with mama

By Selina Bakkar

This is a post for the ladies and gents who were so occupied with pleasing their mothers all year round that they forgot that Mothers Day is even a thing! We have thrown in some ideas for you to choose from! Do let us know if you visit these places and tag us too! CLIFTON…

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Dealing with anxiety – A Muslimah’s Perspective

By Saraiya Bah

What’s your worst nightmare?  Is it walking into an important meeting wearing your pyjamas? Being locked in a cage with a man-eating tiger.  How about sky diving and then realising that the parachute is faulty?  Those are far-fetched examples.  Maybe not the parachute one though – that’s quite a frequent occurrence.  But I digress – everyone…

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