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We’ve Got Your Ramadan Reading List Sorted

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 11th April, 2018


It’s really easy for Ramadan to get quite food-centric – food on the brain for lack of food in the tummy, but there’s loads of confirmed health benefits for your physical wellbeing in fasting. The benefits don’t stop at the physical – many recommend fasting for your spiritual wellbeing.

Fasting has been prescribed for us in order for us to attain Taqua, and this puts you in a state of mind that heightens you to certain spiritual ails that you may feel compelled to work on.

If that’s the case – Amaliah has got your back. We’ve listed some of our favourite books for you to get you started on whatever journey you’re going on.

Prayers For Forgiveness 

Imam Hasan Al-Basri is a true poet. His book of prayers for forgiveness lists some beautifully articulated Dua’s that will have you looking at your life through one of the freshest lenses out there. Prepared to be moved by his words.

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Agenda to Change Our Condition

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is perhaps the GO-TO when it comes to matters of the heart. His ability to draw significant depth to the most simple of subjects and connect them to all matters of the heart is astonishing. He draws on the work of Imam Al-Ghazali and others to create a foundation of understanding for this generation and many more to come. If you want to understand the true nature of our human condition – read this one.

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Companions of the Prophets

Abdul Wahid Hamid brings you a book on the lives of the Sahaba and tales from their interactions with the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in a way that brings hearts and minds closer to a community of people living almost 1500 years ago. The book demonstrates how relatable the challenges of modern day are, to challenges existing during and around the life of the Prophet (saw). A great read if you’re seeking that connection.

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Al-Ghazali on Disciplining the Soul and on Breaking the Two Desires: Books XXII and XXIII of the Revival of the Religious Sciences 


Ramadan is THE most appropriate time to study a book of this nature. The book meticulously unpacks the nature of the Nafs and our relationship with two human, carnal desires: Food and Sex.

You’ll never be able to look at the two in the same way again, in the best way possible. I’ll say no more…

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Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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