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Women of Colour Magic From This Dubai Brand

by in Fashion on 12th November, 2016

This week we had the chance to speak to Nim, you might remember her from our Muslim Woman Crush series.

A 20 something lover of Fashion, Photography and all things creative. A passionate story teller who dreams of reclaiming the narrative by using her creativity to become a mouth piece for those silenced and voiceless. Through visual story telling Nim hopes to put a spotlight on the phenomenal people around her who the world rarely acknowledges.

Recently Nim has been working with Ola Al Khateeb  of Solano Collection to develop the “Nude x Infinity” which celebrates women of colour.

The collection has been designed and created by Ola Al-Khateeb the collection is a reflection of the Modern Women who holds various roles. So, inevitably we are versatile and adaptable and often overcome challenges related to society, deen and our ever changing and blooming roles.

” The Solano Woman is one who’s ever prepared, seamlessly switching between her various modes, be it work, wife, sister, friend or mother. “

The abayas can be styled in various ways which allows you to move through your day from one role, one event to another role. This is the Muslim women, multi-faceted and multi-talented.

Nude is more than skin tone match, but highlighting our differences and different needs. It’s about giving ownership of the word ‘Nude’ to more than just one skin tone. It’s our own little adage to #AllLivesMatter. We’re saying Yes, “All Lives Matter” so let’s include ‘All’, be a voice for ‘All’, represent ‘All’ and empower ‘All’.

Because there are many sides to a person and Solano Collection is about celebrating embracing all the versions of you.

The collection isn’t released yet but we’ve picked out our top picks from their current collection here!

Instagram: @solano_collection

Collection available soon!
Collection available soon!

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

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