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Is Muslim Twitter Obsessed With Mahr? These 20 Tweets Say Yes

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 14th May, 2019


mahr this mahr that. i beg you find someone to marry first before talking about mahr.

— aѕн (@AshKaneSkittles) February 19, 2017

Mandem if you love a girl you shouldn't even care if it's 20k Mehr and girls if you love him you should let him pay in instalments Lmao

— Banned From America (@MadeManJama) February 19, 2017

Mehr this mehr that.. first get asked or ask for marriage loooool

— voldemort (@_sensati0nal_) February 19, 2017

40k for mehr???? Girl stop you gettin half a surah????

— Mustafa (@Mustafa_Wideout) February 19, 2017

All this discussion of Mehr prices you'd think this brother is waiting,ready for you

— S. (@SawdaSays) February 18, 2017

one more mehr talk & im blocking everyone. why are you all so marriage obsessed? what kind 3 days & stay off this app, tf.

— amalina ???? (@xamalinay) February 18, 2017

£1 mehr ????? loool am i billionaire ??? calm down you're getting half a surah

— K (@fvrvx) February 18, 2017

40k for mehr???? Girl stop you gettin half a surah????

— Mustafa (@Mustafa_Wideout) February 19, 2017

Is it everyday mehr debates with people you're not going to marry?

— ㅤㅤ (@PresidentialK) February 18, 2017

Omds is it everyday mehr talk ????

— H. ???????? (@hmds__) February 18, 2017

the same ones asking for mehr to be surahs be the same ones who ain’t memorized even ONE im onto y’all

— halima (@halimahello) February 18, 2017

The word mehr is getting muted soon tbh

— Preeyoncé (@basedukhti) February 18, 2017

You can't be talking mehr prices when a student finance text message makes your day. come on now.

— Bill Clinton (@PingPongPlayaa) February 18, 2017

i just came back on twitter to see mehr arguments on my TL again

— samira (@_samiraxo) February 18, 2017

"Low mehr is sunnah" please just say you're broke with your chest

— not ur type???? (@ItsTabbz) February 18, 2017

mehr is not dat deep subhanallah marriage is a blessing y wld u make such a beauty difficult

— . (@okbruv) February 18, 2017

mehr money is you and your child's social security if anything were to happen to you or your husband not just extra cash in your acc ????????????

— Lola (@queenhx_) February 17, 2017

twitter's talking about mehr AGAIN?

— sofiya (@innitsof) February 17, 2017

I cannot believe mahr convos do not expire out here. Please, stop being stupid, you will be parents to future generations

— Zafón (@Theluvlesshuman) February 19, 2017

Always with the mehr talk. Can you guys buy and sell each other in silence?

— Dajjal (@momfoundme) February 18, 2017

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