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by in Culture & Lifestyle on 30th March, 2017



This week, it’s your last day to make a first impression.  Tomorrow the people that matter are away or out golfing, lunching or something so make Thursday count.

Start with a tailored jacket, it’s conservative and professional and and pair it with a silky shirt underneath.

[product id=”21020″][product id=”21515″]

Then add your pop of colour with your trousers!

[product id=”21519″]

If you have a specific career situation you want to dress for, leave a comment below and Romana will respond. 

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Romana Mirza

Romana Mirza

Romana Mirza is a graduate student (MA, Fashion) at Ryerson University, Faculty of Communication and Design, School of Fashion based in Toronto, Canada. Romana's research topic is: "Fashion, Feminism, Modesty and a Woman's Right to Choose." She has already completed an academic study on the Burkini™ controversy titled "The Burkini™ and its Place on the Beach" that included a survey of women around the world and their swimwear choices.