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A-Z Beauty: Gerard Cosmetics

by in Beauty & Makeup on 19th April, 2017

Source: Beauty Bay
Source: Beauty Bay

This week we’re choosing the 5 products you should know about from one of our favourite online brands, Gerard Cosmetics.

The first product from the brand was the versatile BB plus illumination as a way of reducing all the time-consuming blending of multiple foundations, liquid highlighter and primers. We did our research and this has great reviews with most using it as a liquid highlighter.

The hydra matte liquid lipsticks are probably Team Amaliah’s favourite liquid lipstick brand and we’re always repurchasing our favourite shades ‘1995’ and ‘Everything Nice’.

The ‘Slay all day’ Setting spray is getting that cult Fix + status with its popularity. It’s formulated to reduce the oil produced and mattifies the skin and the best part is the number of scents you can choose from.  Not sure which scent you want? Opt for the mini versions and test them out.

With the success of the Slay All Day setting spray targetted for mattifying the skin, the brand have recently launched the Mist-ified Spray On Moisturiser for those who have drier skin or want that dewy finish. Stay tuned for the reviews!

The brand was founded 3 years ago and they’re celebrating it with an anniversary bundle including some exclusive releases. It’s perfect for the pinky nude lovers.

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