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My 5 Beauty Must-Haves!

by in Beauty & Makeup on 2nd May, 2017

Source: Temptalia
Source: Temptalia

In this post I will share my top 5 Must Have products with you.

We’ve all spent ages testing products on ourselves to see what looks good. Eventually we end up with our signature look that makes you feel like “you”. Makeup can be used to hide blemishes or enhance your natural features. Either way it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful when you look in the mirror. Here are my top 5 must haves that I always turn to!
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
The NARS sheer glow foundation has been the most talked about and many bloggers have hailed this as their holy grail foundation. So I thought I have to give it a go too and I must admit it is by far one of the best I’ve used and suits my skin. In terms of the foundation itself. It is water based therefore you will find it a little on the runny side and all it needs is a good buffing on the skin. I seriously love it.

YSL Rouge Volupté Pink Lipstick

I really like how creamy and moisturising this lipstick is. My lips tend to be quite dry so this is a joy to use. The subtle light colour is the perfect pretty pink suitable for any day!

Bobbi Brown Coral Blush

This blush is my favourite! It picks up onto the brush with ease and glides smoothly onto the cheeks adding a delightful shimmer.

Bobbi Brown Coral Shimmer Blush, £19.50

Bobbi Brown Coral Shimmer Blush, £19.50

MAC Eyebrow Stick

Since I came across this product, I have admired the definition it adds to my face. I use this very lightly to add some density to my eyebrows near the middle and it just makes my makeup look complete.

Sleek Contour Palette

This palette is amazing because it has contouring powder on one side which creates a soft line. On the other side there is an amazing highlighter which adds a lovely glow. I am so satisfied with them both that I haven’t actually ever looked into buying any other palette.
These five items are my absolute must haves which form the basis of my day and evening makeup look.
As well as having high end makeup brands, I do appreciate the quality of most high street brands too.

On a daily basis I like to keep my makeup very minimal but add a whole lot more when it’s party or wedding time. This is mainly because I find it easier to renew my wudhu with less makeup to remove. Most of you will agree that cleaning makeup at the end of the day can sometimes be such a chore! The skin must breathe.

So for my casual daily look I wear my glasses and add a slight pop of colour on my face from either a lipstick or a blush. I also have to make sure that the shade compliments my hijab colour and then I’m good to go.

Sarah Qazi is a Biochemistry graduate and blogger at Highlife Makeup. Being from the multi-cultural city London, she loves learning about global wellbeing, health and beauty. Makeup has slowly drifted into her life making her realise that only the best will do to accentuate your natural beauty.

Sarah Qazi

Sarah Qazi

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