E.L.F COSMETICS in SUPERDRUG UK: Shop 5 under £5

by Amaliah Writes in Beauty & Makeup on 17th May, 2017

Source: @ElfCosmetics
Source: @ElfCosmetics

ELF Cosmetics in Superdrug!

E.L.F cosmetics has officially arrived in the UK thanks to Superdrug!

There are always so many ‘drugstore’ products that you hear about but can’t get your hands on in the UK. E.L.F is probably one of the best brands out there for affordable products, especially when it comes to brushes. 

While they do have a UK website, we love the fact we can get faster delivery at Superdrug and the fact we will literally be able to get our hands on it at selected Superdrug stores. 

We’ve picked 5 impressive products under £5 that we think you should welcome to your makeup collection. Click to shop!

1. E.L.F. Blending Brush

A blending brush for £4.50. I use this regularly in my crease and to blend out my eye makeup. It’s the right level of fluffy and has never shed on me either.

2. E.L.F Highlighter Brush

This looks like a tempting shape that I’ll probably get for either my highlighter or setting powder under my eyes. Again, only £4.50.

3. E.L.F Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls

This baked highlighter has featured so many times for being a dupe for Becca’s famous Opal and Mary Loumanizer by The Balm. This can be used dry and wet depending on the intensity you want in a highlighter.


4. E.L.F. Shadow Lock Eye Primer Sheer

An eyeshadow primer isn’t really the product you want to spend a lot of money on. For £3, this really does makes your eyeshadow pop and last longer without creasing. 


5. E.L.F Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

This is another dupe that has been compared to the famous Nars shades, Laguna and Orgasm. It’s available in St Lucia where the blush is slightly peachy and in shade Fiji where it’s slightly more pinky. There are great reviews for this everywhere.


Shop the full selection from Superdrug here

Do you have a favourite product already from E.L.F that you want to share with us? 

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