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The Graduation Lookbook: The Alternatives to Dresses

by in Fashion on 24th July, 2017

Source: @nabilahkariem
Source: @nabilahkariem

It’s graduation season and we’ve created a blogger lookbook featuring some looks that are alternatives to dresses that we think are perfect for the day.


The classic all white outfit is probably going to go with most, if not all shades of gown combinations you can have. We’re loving this look on @sharmin.ahmed who is rocking this ruffle combination from Zara.

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If you were planning on wearing a blouse and trouser combo, why not make it a statement with some ruffled flare trousers and an off shoulder blouse combo like @dinatokio.

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A great way to keep it feminine and smart is with a structured blazer. We were inspired by @jannat.nabi in this this blush pink combo and would also pair it with a minimal white outfit.

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A jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a dress and we think they look great in the summer too. We were inspired by @nabilahkariem recent look which you can shop here now.

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We loved Annam Ahmad’s Graduation Lookbook, check it out here for more inspiration!

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