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Podcasts for Your Heart, Mind and Soul

by in Culture on 19th November, 2018

Podcasts have become my new best friend for keeping me entertained while completing  those everyday mundane tasks, from my morning commute to work to scrubbing the bathtub. I have listened to a host of podcasts but the following five are a series of podcasts that I go back to most often. Ditch Netflix and try these Podcasts. 

In no specific order:

  1.    Modern Love: The Podcast

The Modern Love Podcast features essays from the column in the New York Times with readings from prominent personalities. Listening to familiar voices such as Danielle Brooks and Justina Machado read about different types of love is so incredibly heart-warming. Whether it’s about a father and daughter relationship, an ex, newlyweds, a heartbreak or simply a deep, meaningful conversation with a stranger, Modern Love has it all. We even get to catch up with the writers of the essay, hear their reflections and what their current situation is like.

My favorite episode: ‘Groomzilla’

  1.    Content of Character Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

This is SeekersHub podcast hosted by Shaykh Yahya Rhodus provides beautifully concise and comprehensive explanations of the Ahadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is based on the book The Content of Character collected by Shaykh Al-Amin Ali Mazrui. Each episode is typically around 10 minutes so you can imagine how succinct the explanations are.

Choosing a favorite for this podcast has proved difficult as each and every one quite literally adds immense profundity and wisdom to everyday life. I picked one that is certainly relevant to today’s struggles.

My favorite episode: ‘Allah’s Gaze and Your Heart’

  1.    The Minimalists Podcast

I have to admit, I haven’t listened to many episodes from The Minimalists Podcast because I feel some of them can get a tad repetitive and because they’re often over an hour long! The basic focus of the podcast is life-changing – hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus teach you to simplify life, to place lesser value on material things and more value on experiences and moments.

It is a deliberate way of life to assist in mastering when one is in need something vs when one wants something (aka nafs). It reminds me of the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying ‘Be in the world like a stranger or passerby’[1], i.e. detach from the dunya and its false fancies and place your happiness in God foremost. Furthermore, contentment placed in relationships and experiences also enable are far more fruitful life.  

My favorite episode: ‘Relationships’

  1.    Dear Sugar Radio

Hosts Cheryl Strayed (author of renowned memoir Wild) and Steve Almond receive and answer anonymous questions from ‘the lost, lonely and heartsick’. Sometimes with guests on their show, they discuss/answer questions about an array of issues such as sibling rivalry, weight, courage, betrayal and friendships, to name a few!

I don’t always agree with their responses but different perspectives are certainly eye-opening. I recall one of the letters about infidelity being quite infuriating and recently another episode made a friend of mine cry! I think a podcast that can incite such emotions is definitely worth listening to.

My favorite episode(s): ‘The Infidelity Episodes’

  1.    The Woman Up Podcast

This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened to consistently back in 2015 and the first thing I want to say is, how about that title ‘Woman Up!’ – I love it so much. The Woman Up podcast is the perfect combination of girl-talk and deen, whereby creator Aida Azlin has candid conversations with a number of other confident, intelligent and gifted women.

Aida is also the founder of The Shawl Label – she is an awe-inspiring entrepreneur who has created a worldwide sisterhood and following. Aida writes weekly Love Letters to her subscribers, designs beautiful apparel, holds classes and workshops and she recently co-hosted another podcast called Ramadhaan Reminders – is there anything this wonder woman cannot do?!

My favorite episode: ‘Diseases of the Heart’

So ditch Netflix, and tune into a podcast tonight..


Ashiya Mendheria

Ashiya Mendheria

Ashiya Mendheria is a nutritional therapist, and works with women and children of all ages, to cultivate wholesome health by focussing on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Ashiya believes health and vitality can be elevated through practical actions found in the daily, small but consistent habits.