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What if We Were All One Colour? The Blue Series by Lakshmi Hussain

by in Identity on 6th September, 2021

 “The Blue Series is a series of portraits and it’s mostly women which enables me to explore the world around me. Our world is incredibly diverse, my children have inherited nearly 8 different cultural backgrounds through birthright and migration, this project aims to highlight this. I have been fortunate to grow up embracing diversity and understanding that:

I can do anything I want to, I should be equal to all those around me and I feel highlighting the differences of all these people under one colour enables me to show the beauty of their differences at the same time representing the equality which should be among us.

The colour blue also has such symbolic meaning, hope, peace, tranquility, blue often instills calm, reminds us of the sea and the freedom it can represent. Some people think I specifically chose blue for this project, I think it was meant to be…”

Lakshmi also recently appeared on Sky Arts discussing her love of ink which she uses in her work. Her instagram page is filled with images of the female form and states she is an “Artist drawing womxn“.

A snippet from tonight’s heat on Sky Arts

Posted by Laxmi Hussain on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

– Lakshmi Hussain

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Sunday morning calm. I woke up late today (8.30am still 😆) and have been helping the kids with their homework whilst doing some painting. So many of you have asked for these, I have one last shop update for the year, this Thursday 6th December at 7pm, I’ll add my gift tags (from yesterday’s stories) although there are only a small handful of those, as well as a few other things I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. I am genuinely so thankful that you all follow me on this journey and you buy my work, as well as the inspiring women out there, all of you, who inspire my work, I’ve tagged as many of the women I have drawn here as I can. I still am gobsmacked every time you share your beautiful home photos of my work and the idea of someone seeing a piece of mine in their home everyday is mind blowing because my work is so personal to me. You all keep me going. Wishing you all a lovely, restful Sunday ✨ We’re off to celebrate my mum’s life and her birthday 💙✨

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