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Two-Step Green Banana Crepes

by in Culture on 21st November, 2017

Let me tell you about these crepes: this is my absolute new favourite, go-to breakfast…and it’s healthy too! These crepes have no sugar in them and are green because of plenty of fresh spinach. They might not sound the most appetising, but they are delicious! I add a banana along with virgin coconut oil to give the crepes a little natural sweetness. Once cooked, you can fill/drown them in as many sweet things as you like. I love mine drenched in maple syrup with plenty of Nutella and cookie butter on the side.

Happy green crepe making! Full recipe below:

Green Banana Crepes

Prep Time: About 10 minutes

Cook Time: About 10 minutes

Serves: Makes about 8 crepes


130 ml Milk

1 large Egg

1 and ½ tablespoons Melted Virgin Coconut Oil (melt the oil and then measure)

½ teaspoon Halal Vanilla Extract

70 grams Plain Flour

Pinch of Salt

40 ml Water

30 grams Fresh Baby Spinach

1 ripe Banana

Oil, to cook

To Serve (Optional)

Maple Syrup

Fresh Fruit

Sweet Spreads


  1. Blend up the crepe batter! Place all the crepe batter ingredients into a jug blender or in a large bowl with a stick blender and blend until smooth.

2. Cook: heat a crepe pan or frying pan over a medium heat. Add a little oil (I used coconut) and swirl around. Wipe away any excess oil with a paper towel.

To make a crepe, fill a 1/3 cup measure with some batter. Pour onto the hot pan and then tilt the pan to allow the crepe to spread evenly. Cook for 1 minute then carefully flip. Cook for a further minute until the second side is golden and remove from the pan. Continue cooking in the same way until the crepe batter has finished.

3. Serve: Fill the crepes with sweet spreads, if preferred. Drizzle over maple syrup and serve with fresh fruit and your favourite coffee. Enjoy!

Check out the full visual recipe here!

This Muslim Girl Bakes

This Muslim Girl Bakes

Faatimah is the blogger behind the food blog, This Muslim Girl Bakes, where you'll find step-by-step photo recipes for both sweet and savoury halal dishes. She also loves ticking things off her baking bucket list -it is how her love for the kitchen began. She cannot stand desiccated coconut, could eat chicken all day long and has the worst time piping icing onto cupcakes.