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Breaking News: 50 Killed by Suicide Bomber in a Mosque in Nigera

by in World on 21st November, 2017

Police say that at least 50 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in Mubi, a town in the north eastern state Adamawa, in Nigeria. The attack took place at a mosque, as people congregated for morning prayers.

Police say the attack was carried out by a young man who was carrying explosives,which he detonated while mingling amongst the congregation.

The chairman of Mubi council, Ahmed Musa said that dozens of people had been injured but the exact number of causalities is not yet known.

Suspicion has fallen on terrorist group Boko Haram – although there is no immediate claim of responsibility from them yet. However they have carried out regular attacks of this nature in this region before. Boko Haram had previously occupied Adamawa in 2014, but were pushed out in 2015 by Nigeria’s army.

More details to follow soon

Israa Abid

Israa Abid

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