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Trends for 2018: Denim Domination

by in Fashion on 25th December, 2017

Source: Vogue

We don’t know if it’s the Stranger Things phenomena but the denim trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With the denim jacket coming back with a vengeance and the DIY-ing of our trusted jeans, does denim ever go out of fashion? Nineties fashion is here to stay and there is no doubt that the oversized denim jacket will be a staple of 2018. Not only are they great for chucking on when we’re running late and can’t find anything to wear, but it can be paired with almost anything making it a versatile must-have item. A great transitional piece, come rain or shine, an oversized denim jacket is bound to give any outfit a relaxed feel. Paired with a plain white tee and some jeans, it’s the perfect casual chic look. If you’re feeling a little braver why not go double denim?


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