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Amena Khan Steps Down From L’Oreal’s Latest “Inclusive” Campaign

by in Identity on 22nd January, 2018

Source: Instagram @amenaofficial

Earlier this week we saw Amena Khan, Muslim youtuber and  influencer, grace the latest L’Oreal hair campaign alongside other influencers. The campaign saw a range of influencers in the advert including model Neelam Gill, Dougie Pointer from McFly, and blogger Megan Ellaby. Amena Khan stars in the campaign, talking about how even though she wears a hijab, she still cares about looking after her hair.

The campaign is has been reported about in several outlets and hailed as “Revolutionary”, “Historic”, “Game Changing”, “barrier-breaking” and Amena has been hailed for “Breaking Stereotypes.”

That was until today when Amena Khan realised a statement on her social media platforms announcing she would be stepping down from the campaign following the surfacing of tweets from 2014 about Israel.

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100’s of followers and critics have commented on the situation including prominent influencer Dina Tokio:

“I don’t think u should step down! You can’t have an opinion now?? Those tweets or opinions did NOT make you ‘anti Semitic’ whatsoever. You are a well articulated woman and anyone with sense can see that . It’s funny I wonder if your tweets were the opposite opinion would you have been targeted like this?! it’s actually shit that you’ve been made to feel like this from whatever pressures you’ve faced, we support you ???????? stand for what is moral and right ✌???? peace and hugs your way ✌????”

– Dina Tokio, Instagram comment

Many have shown solidarity and support in Amena’s original tweets, others have shown disappointment in her apology and there have also been comments about L’Oreal and their integrity in representing minorities.


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