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Muslim Twitter Talks Sexual Etiquette: Oral Sex to Be Precise

by in World on 1st August, 2018

In the weird and wonderful world of Muslim Twitter this weekend saw DJ Khaled talk about oral sex on radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’. He stated that he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife but expects it because he is a King and the rules are different for men and women. Many took his comment in light of him talking about what Islam states.

Whilst many may not be interested in Dj Khaled and his bedroom preferences, it triggered conversations all over the Twitter world and even had Scholars such as Suhaib Webb responded on the rulings around the permissibility of oral sex.

Some speculated he believes Oral sex is prohibited

Others believe he is misinformed and in fact oral sex is permitted, with a scholar Suhaibb Webb going as far to say it is commendable.

Some debated whether the topic was appropriate and others felt that discussing sex on Twitter is a form of sex education for the young and old.


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