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by in World on 28th May, 2018


1.The Nigerian Government outlawing the practice of FGM

According to the U.N data, it was reported that a quarter of Nigerian women have undergone FGM in 2014. It has said to be previously banned in several states, but news has broken recently saying that FGM has been banned throughout the country, by the Nigerian government.

What is FGM & what Impact does it have?

FGM also known as female genital cutting is the cultural practice of the mutilation of the genitals of females, it can cause serious physical and psychological harm. It is a violation of human rights of women and girls globally. It can cause, “infertility, maternal death, infections and the loss of sexual pleasure”.  Read more here

2. Worlds first marine barrier is being built by Israel on the Gaza border

The Israeli defence ministry started the construction of an underwater barrier in Gaza, which will stretch from Southern Israel Zikim to the Mediterranean.  The head of the defence ministry’s Engineering and construction department has said, the work is set to be completed by the end of 2018.

What will it look like?

The barrier itself is said to be made up of 3 layers,  one will be below sea level, one layer of armoured stone, and barbed wire as a third barrier. Security is said to be tightened with a fence surrounding the breakwater. Reports suggest Gazans are trying to breach the barrier from occurring.

This is not long after Gazans became under attack by Israeli forces with 25+ missiles on May 26th.

3. ‘Spiderman rescuer’ to be given French citizenship

Mamoudou Gassama an immigrant from Mali has been given citizenship, after winning widespread global praise, due to a video capturing him climbing four floors within minutes saving a young four-year-old boy hanging over a balcony, went viral.  After meeting him at the Elysee Palace President Emmanuel Macron said he would be made a naturalised citizen. The president, personally thanked Gassama, giving him a medal, and offering him a role in the fire service.

What Happened?

Mr Ghassama, took a dangerous route to Europe by boat over the Mediterraneanan to Italy, arriving in France just last year. Ghassama, who was walking down a street, on Saturday afternoon walked past a crowd of people, who were gathering to help the little boy who was hanging off the side of the balcony. Ghassama told the French president, “I just didn’t have time to think, I ran across the road to go and save him.

4. Mohammed Salah says he will be playing at the World Cup

Salah’s champion league ended with heartbreak on Saturday night, as Liverpool suffered a loss on one of their key players during the first half of the game. Announced that the 25-year-old suffered from a dislocated shoulder, the kind of injury to rule him out of the World Cup in 2018. The injury occurred as a result of an awkward fall after being challenged by Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos. Who kept hold of Salah’s arm as they both took a fall.

The Egyptian player later Tweeted he had sustained, “a sprain to the shoulder ligaments.” Claiming he may still be travelling to Russia.

5. Verdict for Weinstein

Studio head, Harvey Weinstein may get up to 25 years in prison, with the threat of added charges. The director and producer accused of rape, sexual misconduct and sexual abuse turned himself into the NYPD on Friday evening. Following an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He was released within a few hours however on a $1million bail. One of his victims, Annabella Sciorra, has said that seeing him in court brought her no relief.  She argued on her Twitter in a thread, that the arrest meant nothing, as he was able to buy his freedom due to “money and power.”

Drawing attention to Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old who was held in solitary confinement for three years for allegedly stealing a backpack on Rikers Island.

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