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Amaliah Ramadan Instagram Take Over Week 3: A Recap Incase You Missed It

by in Identity on 13th June, 2018

Instagram take over

It has been over three weeks since Ramadan began, it has been quite eventful for Amaliah. Just in case you forgot we have started a series this Ramadan, 30 days, 30 people, 30 perspectives. You will be taken across the world, following a day in the life of an incredible Muslim woman,  over on our Instagram. Each woman talented and skilled in her own light, letting you into her Ramadan world. Keep a lookout for our Amaliah takeovers every day on our Instagram @Amaliah_com so you don’t miss out on wonderful messages from true leaders in our community!

Lets recap who we have seen so far!

Week 3

1) Sahar Arrayah

Sahar is a multi-talented spoken word poet, that raises issues about identity, identity, body perceptions and beauty standards. she elicits a reaction in people without even being in the same room, from her creative tongue.

Check out her poem that went viral here.

2) Yassmin Abdel-Magied

is a Sudanese-Australian, mechanical engineer social media blogger and memoirist. She is an incredibly charismatic public speaker, discussing issues surrounding identity, Islam, and media. In late 2017, Abdel-Magied relocated to London, to partake in what she called the “Aussie rite of passage”. 

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3) Poetic Pilgrimage

Two incredibly talented spoken word poets, and educators. Culture producers.

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4) Nilufa Dahlia

This superwoman British born Bangladeshi, mum of two documents their life on her Youtube channel, giving us a little insight into their life together, Nilufa likes to encourage living by Islam, and using life hacks to make things easier.

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