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When Ash Sarkar Took on Piers Morgan on This Morning

by in World on 13th July, 2018

Youtube and Twitter were set alight with commentary after This Morning interview between Piers Morgan and Ash Sarkar took place yesterday. The host was seen unprofessionally berating the activist, for supporting, ‘Obama’ during his term, but deeply criticising Trump and his policies calling the, “forced separation unconscionable, our Prime minister holding Trump’s hand is an utter embarrassment.”  The conversation was triggered on the back end of thousands expected to protest against US president Donald Trump this week. The inflammatory interview took a humorous turn when Ash Sakar replied saying, ” He’s not my hero (Obama) I’m a communist you idiot,” triggering a howl of laughter from Morgans co-host who visibly disagreed with his inflammatory comments. Shortly after this Sarkar commented on his incompetence as a journalist,

 Piers Morgan told her, “You have every right to protest, just do it with perspective.”

The two went head to head, with Piers speaking over his guest, Sakar claims, “its embarrassing, you have drawn out your guest and put words in my mouth and deflected from the actual argument I had.” The interview has reached over 2million views, and a number of people championing Sakar for her views, and hilarious delivery.

Here is what Twitter said

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