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Top 3 Muslim Designers to Keep Your Eye On…

by in Fashion on 14th August, 2018

We love to find and support upcoming talent in Muslim female fashion designers, we have selected these brands because we felt they provided a different flavour, elegance, class, and creativity to the modest and mainstream world of fashion. Here at Amaliah, we have whittled down our top 3 new designers at the moment for you to follow, learn about, support, and purchase from!

1. @Under_rapt Modest Athleisure

This, “sustainable, global, modest,” Athleisure brand does exactly what it says on the tin. “The world’s first sustainable & Eco-friendly modest Athleisure brand. Empowering women globally, by delivering Organic and ethical supports and loungewear for the modest, modern international female”

According to their website this brand uses organic, sustainable and ecological fabric. “UNDER-RAPT realised that there is not another modest brand using high-tech, performance enhancing, sustainable and ethical fabrics. UNDER-RAPT is a healthy fashion and lifestyle brand, and therefore it was of significance that we implement this into our designs to not only encourage personal hygiene but ensure it coincides with our customers personal and social ethical morals and values.”

The use of certain fabrics, “in our designs has sweat resistant, cooling and hygienic components which means that professional athletes from runners to boxers and gymnasts and both Muslim and Non-Muslim can wear the collection. With such antibacterial components our designs such as the ‘Sports Hijab’ and ‘Hijab hooded base layer’, can be worn as a hijab or simply to keep hair up tight, ideal for both to stay fresh and cool during all workout activity. Both the sportswear and casual wear collections are made with the finest sustainable fabrics.”

  • MODAL®

2. @Shadeyourstyle

Based in London and Dubai, but “born in the fashion hub of Europe, Shade is a London based brand that reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city and the women within it. With on-trend designs, Shade breaks away from cliché modest fashion. At Shade, we understand that to have true freedom of expression we must dress on the outside what we feel on the inside. With an array of styles and myriad of novel shapes, we aim to do just that – provide a platform for expression and discovery, so go on, discover yourself #discoveryourshade.” Shade your style also makes sure their supply chain is as transparent as possible and good working conditions are of high priority.

3. @Modestrove

“Throughout Modestrove’s premium fashion collection you can explore stunning accessories and handbags that are the perfect investment, with a selection of the best designer brands, and accessories that will add a touch of class to any look. The website which collates all types of clothing, beauty products, home, skincare, hair and makeup, hijabs, and even a lifestyle on their blog.” Check out their lifestyle blog for a nice light read whilst on site.

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