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Is the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Halal? Muslim Twitter Breaks Out Into a Debate…

by in Lifestyle on 13th September, 2018

Muslim Twitter once again broke out into argument, this time the argument was not centred around marriage or mahr but the McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish. The argument broke out on Wednesday morning in the UK this month after a tweet by @shloerma was shared, the tweets were directed to the Muslim community and stated “yeah you Mozlems can’t have McDonald’s anymore”. Understandably there is upset, confusion and anger about this revelation, whilst many are unbothered. Some have approached McDonald’s directly for answers while others have taken time to study the ingredients list. Whatever the fate of the McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish, the much loved burger has caused a commotion.

Amaliah called the McDonald’s helpline 0370 524 4622 and this is how the conversation went.

Helpline staff: Hi Mcdonalds ***** here, how can I help?

Amaliah staff: Hi ***** I’m well, just a quick question. Is the fish-o-fillet halal?

Helpline staff: Yes, it is.

Amaliah staff: Ok, great, oh before I go, are the chips?

Helpline staff: Let me check…….so they aren’t halal certified due to possibly cross contamination. It’s the oil.

Amaliah staff: Oh, ok, so is the fish-o-fillet halal certified?

Helpline staff: No from what I can see but I do know a lot of people who don’t eat you know, they choose it. You can also check the allergen list if that helps.

Amaliah staff: Ah, ok, great. Thanks. Take care.

Helpline staff: Have a lovely day.

We were told that the Filet-o-Fish is not halal certified and neither are the chips.

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