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Hijab, No Hijab or Turban: The Conversation That Has Split Muslim Twitter

by in Identity on 28th September, 2018

So the last two weeks, Muslim Twitter has been set alight with commentary on a debate that has triggered, the coming of an online civil war (figuratively). The debate ensued on the back end of a discussion surrounding Dina Tokio’s recent publication in The Metro, where she discusses her approach to wearing her hijab on occasions, as to not put pressure on herself so that it results in her despising of it.

Some pointed out how bloggers as a whole are part of the problem

Others pointed out how pointless it was to debate

As a result, more and more sub-conversations ensued from Muslim men and Twitter giving their 2 cents and weighing on those who do and don’t represent the hijab, and Islam ‘properly.’

Ruqaiya Harris put out a thread to help create a safe outlet for women who have been abused, and subject to shaming, and humiliation online as a result of how she chooses to practice her faith.

A man named Nabeel Azeez, creator of the blog, “the Alpha Muslim: caused a stir when sending for Muslim women online, shaming, humiliating, and

Even ex Guantanamo prisoner Babar Ahmed got involved

The debate still thrives and grows, do send us your opinion on the issues raised above, to [email protected]

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