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Fortress of a Muslim Author Shaykh Sa’d Al-Qahtani Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

by in World on 1st October, 2018

The author of the well-known du’a book ‘Fortress of the Muslim’ , Shaykh Sa’d Al-Qahtani passed away on the 1st of October, ‘Inna lilahee wa inna illahee rajioon’ – to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. He had also published 80 other Islamic books but this one has been the most celebrated.

The book which is filled with duas and adhkars is available is multiple languages throughout the world and is beneficial for everyday life. Many have shared their gratitude and sadness at the Shakyh’s death. He passed away in Riyadh during the early hours of Fajr after battling cancer for some time. His Janaza took place in a mosque in Riyadh.

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