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A Prayer for Zaynab ‘Hapsa’ Abdalla & Bushra Abdi: The Teens Who Returned to Their Lord on Saturday

by in Soul on 16th October, 2018

Two young Somali girls both 19 years old, were last seen alive in Minnesota around 3.00 am, in a 2006 grey chevy impala, on Saturday 13 October. The sister and niece were reported missing shortly after this. The family of the girls reported them missing on her social media on Saturday, the tweet went viral shortly after. Not long after this, the community in Minnesota, mainly the Somali- American community collectively came out to search on Sunday the next day meeting at the town centre.

The last activity of the girls reported at the time was between road 41, and highway 212 Chaska. This was reportedly close to where one of the girls worked. As the community met to join the search party, news spread fast. The frantic two-day search, however, came to a difficult halt when the car was located in a pond nearby, and a body was found, causing firefighters and policeman at the scene to announce that community members should return home, to prevent speculation. The family of the girls were called to a tent nearby to identify the bodies. soon after they announced the first, a second body was found shortly after. Their car was still being recovered from the area after tire marks were seen leading to a pond nearby. Many members of the community remained gathered at the site, consoling one another and mourning.

One community member live-tweeted the ordeal.

Police are still investigating what occurred on the morning the girls went missing, so far it has been documented that both Abdi and Abdulla had been together Habsa Abdi, sister to Bushra said Abdalla drove from her workplace at Amazon to a Chaska nursing home where Bushra worked. After driving for 15minutes to Chaska, Abdalla called Bushra, at 2.47 a.m to say she was at Caska Heights living facility, reported by Garoweonline. Shortly after this, a 911 call was recorded from Carver County in which Habsa Abdi (Bushra’s sister) said someone was recorded to have said, “help me”. “They were disconnected before the operator could trace a signal, CBS Minnesota reports.” Bushra’s phone had cut by this time. The two were said to be working the night shift as a higher wage enabled them to help support themselves financially. The county police expressed their thanks to Islamic Association CAIR, who used their platform to send out alerts to help find the girls.

We are greatly saddened by the news of the two girls, who seemed like beautiful young women. May Allah alleviate their families and strengthen their hearts at this difficult time. May He make their graves wide, fruitful, warm, and may He allow them to dwell in the company of their good deeds. May Allah accept them into the highest rank in Jennat il- firdous and forgive them, and grant his mercy on them. And accept their duas, Ameen.

Amaliah Writes

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