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My Nude ‘No Makeup Makeup’ Go to Look

by in Beauty & Makeup on 20th June, 2018

I somewhat have become a pro at no ”makeup” make-up, and why? You ask? Well it’s a lot to do with the fact that my life isn’t as baby girl as I would like it to be and doing contour and a snatched face for the supermarket and my nanas house seems a bit ludicrous. That and the fact that the British summer time has officially ended which means I’ve somewhat mastered how to look like me but even better. I’m going to be honest I had pretty clear skin up until 2-3 years ago hyper-pigmentation, scarring and dark circles have been the bane of my existence. And whilst I’m quite a comfortable (she says as she spends £££ on beauty products) I still like to do a little bit of concealing here and there.

I’ll start off with my base I’ve skipped foundation completely because no matter how lightweight the claims seem to be I just don’t need it. I use my trusty combo of my LA girl concealer in warm honey and my Bobbi Brown corrector in deep peach. These two products under my eyes and around my mouth make my skin look a bit more even and my under eyes a lot more like I get some sleep.

After that I like to glow so I reach for my Sleek highlighting palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss which by the way is the most beautiful and inexpensive highlighting kit I’ve ever seen. And dust sphinx on the high points of my cheek which gives me a natural inner *I drink green juice everyday* glow.

For my eyes I always wear eyeliner no matter how hard I try I can never neglect a cat eye and the best gal for the job is the essenceliquid ink linershootout to my good twitter buddy Randa for introducing me to this. And what is a cat eye without lots of coating of mascara in all honesty any L’Oréal mascara is a win for me, closely followed by my precious whiteeyeliner and Voila your eyes are complete.

Lastly how can I ever leave the house without something on my lips I tend to layer my MAC verve with my NYX berlin. And I am good to go.

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Black Gal and Skin Care

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