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Top Sustainable Brands That Have Caught Our Eye This Winter: Vegan Northface Jackets & Recyclable Insulation

by in Fashion on 29th November, 2018

Its over…black Friday has meant the death of us, we need to feel a little less guilty about our consumer decisions, especially since it feels like we are burning into our pockets every time we go on ONE shopping spree. We’re talking warm, thick, sustainable, and something preferably that won’t warm the planet. So here are some sustainable winter clothing brands that have caught our eye. It is time to find solutions for global warming and learn a little about the materials we put on our backs. One of the most common fibers for winter coats, is wool, or synthetic imitation, acrylic. The outer shell of puffer jackets is made from polyester which is the fibre that is derived from a non-renewable petrochemical origin, the use of which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Mountain Designs revealed an interesting clothing range made using recycled coffee grounds. the line took 18 months to produce in total says Sandra Heidmann, the product developer.

“Mountain Designs has always used ethically sourced down but we wanted to go further and not just use natural material but reclaim and re-use waste,” she said.

One of the downsides of finding coats like Northface is that they use real duck feathers for the insulation of the coat, which tends to be counterproductive when it rains. Using down polyester filling, such as recycled polyester ECOdown. ECO down doesn’t even lose its insulation qualities when rained on. Although slightly heavier than goose down, ECOdown is used by brands:  Trenery and HoodLamb.

Interesting enough, 1960’s born San francisco grown company Northface has embraced sustainability with their vegan coats. They have launched their Thermoball line, which will be made from recycled plastics, providing synthetic fibres that mimic the insulation warmth of their traditional jackets. This is due to most of their line being made from down feathers for insulation, which means the traditional Northface jackets are not suitable for vegans.

Here are a couple more ethical brands to build your winter wardrobe!

Tencel sleeveless slogan shirt

Ladies Puffer Hoodlum Blue


Pampa beanie charcoal grey

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